Roze steps out

Jay Roze, the rapper featured in Wame Blood songs, is now moving away from the shadows of the band to focus on himself as an artist.

Roze has been associated with the band since the hits Mangi Raunwara and Mt Lemina.

“Let me just get this straight…I’m my own artist,” says the rapper.

His music path started at the age of 17 when he featured B-Rad on the Yadisena remix and also released a couple of singles.

But his break came with Wame Blood’s Raunwara.

“With Mt Lemina, it just blew up even bigger. And gave me the platform to market myself,” he said.

Roze made his debut solo performance during the Kanaka Wear launch last year, performing two songs from his EP.

Last week, the rap artist performed at the Nakanation 2 concert hosted at the Cosmopolitan.

This involvement has strengthened the connection with PNG’s underground hip-hop movement.

“It’s a good platform to market the other side of me so I’m happy they took me on board. I’m always down for PNG hip-hop and to represent,” he said.

Roze is currently in talks with a couple of guys in Malaysia and Canada and is looking to sell his music abroad.

Gloria Bauai