Jay Roze

Local music scene is tough: Roze

With people preferring local music, artists like rapper Jay Roze are forced to look to international markets to sell their music.

Roze has been featured on tracks of popular bands and artists like Wame Blood and B-Rad.

To release his own singles however, he has been holding back, waiting for an opening in the market.

Roze has done 28 songs since. And wanted to release his EP back in 2015.

“I was looking for a broader audience so I held it back. If there was proper market for rap, it would sell,” he says.


Roze steps out

Roze has been associated with the band since the hits Mangi Raunwara and Mt Lemina.

“Let me just get this straight…I’m my own artist,” says the rapper.

His music path started at the age of 17 when he featured B-Rad on the Yadisena remix and also released a couple of singles.

But his break came with Wame Blood’s Raunwara.

“With Mt Lemina, it just blew up even bigger. And gave me the platform to market myself,” he said.