Roze steps out

Roze has been associated with the band since the hits Mangi Raunwara and Mt Lemina.

“Let me just get this straight…I’m my own artist,” says the rapper.

His music path started at the age of 17 when he featured B-Rad on the Yadisena remix and also released a couple of singles.

But his break came with Wame Blood’s Raunwara.

“With Mt Lemina, it just blew up even bigger. And gave me the platform to market myself,” he said.

Hip-Hop celebrates 44 years

Google joined in on the celebration with a first-of-its-kind doodle featuring a custom logo, graphic by famed graffiti artist Cey Adams.

The honorary doodle also included interactive turntables on which users can mix samples from legendary tracks, and a serving of Hip Hop history - with an emphasis on its founding pioneers.

What’s more, the whole experience was narrated by Hip Hop icon Fab 5 Freddy, former, host of “Yo! MTV Raps.”


Sign language interpreter steals the show at Logic hip-hop concert

When American artist Logic introduced interpreter Kat to the crowd at New York's Governors Ball Music Festival, he challenged her to keep up with his freestyle.

"I'm going to freestyle and we're going to see if you can keep up with my raps," he said.

And judging by the reaction in the crowd - she did just that.

"Everybody this is Kat, she is signing for the hearing impaired today, this is incredible," the 27-year-old rapper told his fans.

"I want to have some fun today are you ready?" he added before starting his freestyle.

A gift we were born with

“As babies, we’re already dancing to music and our tradition also involves dancing,” she says.

But it’s the other types of dancing like Hip Hop, RnB or dancehall that has attracted criticism, especially in PNG.

Still, Madla pushes for this to be a change that can be accepted.

Now 32, she began dancing at a very young age, influenced by her uncle.

She grew up imitating Michael Jackson – the King of Pop, adding female presence in the dancing scene.