Yawari’s concert for education

This event is part of Yawari's latest effort with the FOE Association, where he serves as chairman.

The project's main focus is on building a double-story classroom for Tanuga Community School, located in Nipa, Kutubu, Southern Highlands Province. The project has drawn the attention of various business houses.

Yawari is committed to Kutubu's development, and he has a 15-year plan that includes previous projects such as hospital infrastructure and aid posts.

UN announces virtual concert to unite Pacific region in the fight against COVID-19

The concert will call on leaders and citizens across the region to work together and with the rest of the world in the fight against COVID-19.

Kanye West resolves $10m Lloyd's of London lawsuit

The Saint Pablo Tour had 21 dates left in November 2016 when West pulled the remaining shows after falling ill.

Lloyd's alleged the musician had used marijuana and refused to pay out, citing a clause in the contract about alcohol and drug use.

West, 40, then sued the insurer, citing his treatment at a psychiatric centre.

A judge in California dismissed the case on Wednesday after being requested to do so by lawyers from both sides.

West's lawyer and Lloyd's both declined to comment, other than to say the matter had been resolved "amicably".

Fans furious as Drake postpones same gig for the third time

The doors had already opened for the show and the Ziggo Dome was full.

According to the promoter, the Canadian rapper was advised not to perform by a doctor after falling ill.

"I'm really sorry to tell you that tonight's gig cannot take place. Drake got sick. His doctor told him not to perform."

The postponed show has been moved to Wednesday night instead.

This is the third time the Amsterdam show has been cancelled.

His performances on 20 and 21 January were initially moved to 26 and 27 January. But they were postponed again until 27 and 28 March.

John Legend's first concert was much cooler than yours

"Jay-Z was kind of unknown at the time and was opening for the Fugees," Legend remembers in a new video featuring "The Voice" advisers. "Like, can you believe it?"

In the new featurette, Legend, Celine Dion, Luke Bryan, and DJ Khaled open up about their musical firsts and favorites, like their first concerts and favorite song to sing in the shower.

The video is being released ahead of next week's Battle Rounds.

Adele stops Sydney gig because fan in front row had a heart attack

A 47 year old woman was taken to hospital in a serious condition during her performance on 10 March.

Adele stopped mid-performance telling fans she didn't want to shock the sick woman with fireworks that were planned.

She also joked that she had ruined the surprise for the rest of the audience by telling them about the pyrotechnics.

"Sorry. Someone got hurt. I ruined the surprise for you didn't I?" Adele told the crowd.

"Sorry, there was so much going on it frightened me. Pretend I didn't say anything. Let's start again."

Justin Wellington to perform in concert

Funds raised at ‘A concert with a cause’ will go towards this valuable program, which reaches out to the women of our province, better equipping them with necessary life skills to successfully handle challenging situations in our ever-changing society, the club said.

Rather than merely teaching information, the life skills training program promotes healthy alternatives to risky behaviour, through activities designed to:

UB40 pleases pom fans

The two hour live performance at Sir John Guise Stadium ended at 9pm.

The band grooved the crowd with their hit songs of yesteryears and also some of their latest songs.

The crowd numbering few thousands were well behaved.

Many fans who Loop PNG spoke to said they enjoyed the concert and hope the band will return to PNG in the future.