Johnny Yawari

Yawari’s concert for education

This event is part of Yawari's latest effort with the FOE Association, where he serves as chairman.

The project's main focus is on building a double-story classroom for Tanuga Community School, located in Nipa, Kutubu, Southern Highlands Province. The project has drawn the attention of various business houses.

Yawari is committed to Kutubu's development, and he has a 15-year plan that includes previous projects such as hospital infrastructure and aid posts.

Popondetta to launch arts and music festival

He made this announcement through a media conference held on Monday 7th August that the festival for the first time will feather Papua New Guinea artist like Wame Blood, Stagajah and other PNG musicians on the show.

Unlike the Tapa and Tatoo festival, this event is established as an avenue to showcase local talent through the art of music.

MP Masere said this festival will be the first of its kind initially held at Popondetta every 16th of September to showcase the art of music through local talent and embrace the existence of Papua New Guinea's music industry.