Over 70 young men, women surrender weapons

People at risk of becoming involved in crimes including armed robbery, drug trafficking, burglary and petty theft were among the 72 who handed in 25 weapons including homemade guns as well as knives, significant quantities of drugs and home brewing gear in a series of surrender ceremonies within Popondetta recently. The weapons, drugs and equipment were collected by police for disposal and destruction.

Amuli seeks leave on Sohe petition results

Amuli won the Sohe seat from Delilah Gore in the 2017 general elections.

Gore filed the petition disputing his win and was successful after a trial was conducted in Popondetta, Northern Province.

Justice Iova Geita ordered a recount to take place from May 21 with results to be presented to the Popondetta National Court.

Amuli is now seeking leave of the Supreme Court to review the decision of 23 March.

The application will be moved on 7 May.

Meantime, Gore’s lawyers intend to file an application to dismiss the leave application.

Girua airport LOs demand compo

The landowners are demanding the National Government to pay K15 million in outstanding land compensation or they will shut the airport permanently.

Spokesperson Barthimias Kaipa said for so long, their land compensation requests have been falling on deaf ears since 2006, when they lodged their claim.

He said their claims had been processed by government agencies and were paid to illegitimate landowners.

They have presented their petition to Girua Airport manager Eki Wally on behalf of Minister for Civil Aviation Alfred Manasseh last Friday.

​No magistrate in Popondetta: PPC

PPC Lincoln Gerari made the call following the local magistrate’s absence from work for several weeks.

Police do not know where the magistrate is, but they know that the cell block at the Popondetta Police Station is currently overcrowded with prisoners awaiting court hearing.

“There are currently 80 prisoners in the cell.”

The PPC says they have tried reducing the bail for minor cases to make up space at the cell; however the number continues to increase each day.

VIDEO: No Magistrate in Popondetta

PPC Gerari made the call following the local Magistrates absence from work for several weeks. 


Charmaine Poriambep with more 

Major Popondetta drug ring uncovered

Over 200 marijuana plants were seized, including a home-made firearm and six .50 calibre bullets, when OIC Sgt Jimmy Bonanda and his team raided a hideout at Koropata village.

The successful bust in the Higaturu LLG, along the Kokoda Highway, was the result of information received during the weekend after the detention of a teenager.

He was found in possession of an unusually large amount of marijuana. Upon interrogating the young man, Bonanda and his team uncovered a supply network that ran through Girua all the way up the Kokoda highway to the supplier in Koropata.

A new magician in town

He is in his early teens and is currently an apprentice to the nation’s favourite – Jack Spade.

In his mission to grow the talent, Jack Spade randomly selected 10 boys around the same age who showed interest and taught them a simple magic trick.

It was Jemo Magical who followed the rules as laid out and showed eagerness to learn more.

Jemo Magical has already performed with Jack Spade in some gigs around their hometown of Popondetta, Northern Province.

But at the moment, he performs as a mute magician.

K70,000 cash, 13 truck loads of food for Oro road accident victims

The contributions was given by national employees of Higaturu Oil Palm Limited (HOPL).

The 6,900 workers contributed K20 each with some giving more towards the funeral arrangements.

The employees include those at HOPL, POPGA, OPIC and growers from Mamba down to Embi Estate.

One food truck will be given to each of the 13 victims.

Spokesman for the employees Ezekiel Baraha stressed that they were not there to represent any organization, but as fellow Papua New Guineans expressing their condolences in typical Melanesian way.

Injured passengers recovering at Popondetta hospital

 Hospital CEO Dr Gunzee Gawin told Loop PNG this morning that the victims have now been allowed to eat and drink.

Of the total 29 passengers, 13 were confirmed dead while the other 16 were hospitalised. Four of them were discharged yesterday while the remaining 12 were still inpatients at the hospital but are recovering.

Dr Gawin thanked the hospital surgeon, Dr Petrus Opum who has done very well to manage the victims this far.

 He said surgery is now being planned in the next several days to mend broken bones in particular.

Child in ICU at Popondetta General Hospital following accident

Popondetta General Hospital Chief Executive Officer Dr Gunzee Gawin told Loop PNG today that the three children were on the PMV truck that was involved in a nasty accident on Monday afternoon with an Oil palm fruit truck.

Dr Gawin told Loop PNG that the death toll still remains at 13 from Monday from the 29 passenger in the PMV truck.

However, four patient has been discharged this morning while 12 are still in hospital with three of them in a very critical condition.