UPNG students

UPNG Students Donate Baby Essentials

The students' initiative saw the donation of 96 bags filled with essential baby items to the nursery, aimed at aiding newborns in need.

The 23 students visited the nursery to personally deliver their thoughtful contributions. Each mother and her baby were gifted a plastic bag teeming with supplies such as diapers, powder, oil, and more.

Among the donations, two bags of clothing were also included, aimed at providing comfort to the mothers themselves.

Strengthening Public Solicitor assist aggrieved public

The aim of this decision is to assist aggrieved students and members of the public to seek court interpretations on new government decisions they feel have contravened the Constitution or the laws of the country.

Prime Minister James Marape told Parliament that the Government is looking at an avenue  to help students file complaints and seek legal interpretation through the Office of the Public Solicitor, on new government decisions that are seen to be against national interest.

Media Personnel Attacked

The rowdy group stated they did not want the media to report on an issue, that was an internal matter.

Media personnel were made aware of the protest that was to take place on campus. They showed up to capture what the female student protesters wanted to address, and that was continuous incidents of sexual and physical harassment by certain male students.

Polling starts at UPNG Waigani campus

This comes after the Electoral Commission allowed for polling to be conducted today.

Polling didn't start until 1:30pm after ballot papers were brought under security escort to the campus.

Students were allowed to cast their votes using their ID cards as well as names according to the electoral roll.

At the time this report was filed, two hours remain before polling closes at 6pm.

The queues were also a source of frustration for the voters, as both male and female students stood in the same line.

​Police get students’ opinion

A police vehicle arrived at the station to address the confused students.

The police officer on ground asked them whether polling should proceed today. However, the students are asking if this could be extended to Monday; the reason being the short notice, including most students are off campus for the weekend.

But there are mixed emotions from the group.

A handful of students want polling to be conducted today. They want to get it out of the way and just concentrate on school.

More updates to follow... 

​NCD polls: UPNG station still empty

The university is one of the three stations in NCD whose polling was extended to today.

Despite this being an approved exercise by the Electoral Commissioner, there is still a no show of election officials.

It's midday now and the polling venue is still as empty as it was yesterday afternoon.

The campus atmosphere is a normal quiet Saturday, with students carrying on with their usual activities. Outside, public has not gathered either.

When Loop PNG talked with the university security officials, they said they were not aware of the decision.

RO to respond to students

After a disagreement between former and current students on whether voting should go ahead, Presiding Officer Cyril Lumbia was asked to intervene.

After a discussion with the other polling officials, Lumbia asked the students to decide what to do.

However they refused and asked Lumbia to make a decision.

Lumbia then said given the current situation, they will have to speak with RO/EM Jimmy to decide what to do next.

Only three hours remain for polling in NCD and if they do conduct polling, Lumbia says they will not beat the deadline.

Former UPNG student slams plagiarising of slogan

The students started boycotting classes in May last year, calling for Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to respect the integrity of the PM’s office and step aside until all allegations against him are cleared.

During that time, the slogan #UPNG4PNG was borne.

Former UPNG Student Representative Council member, Hercules Jim, told Loop PNG: “We came up with the slogan before the protest...basically to unite UPNG to stand for PNG.

“This slogan comes with the sacrifice of blood and education of UPNG students to fight for the cause they believe in.”

UPNG students gain medical experience on YWAM

The most recent group have just returned from serving in Western Province and will now embark on a patrol in Milne Bay waters.

The program is a partnership between UPNG and YWAM Medical Ships to provide medical students with rural health exposure and training opportunities.

Executive Program Manager, Dr Sarah Dunn, spoke of YWAM’s enthusiasm for the collaboration.

UPNG NASA will meet to confirm numbers

The purpose of their planned withdrawal of teaching and assessment component of work is due to their outstanding 7.5 percent pay increment.

NASA has had continuous meetings with the UPNG Management on the issue as well as Industrial Registrar and the Department of Higher Education, including the Minister.

However, there hasn’t been any positive feedback.

NASA president Emmanuel Gorea told Loop PNG that they will be meeting at 10am tomorrow to confirm the support of signatures for voluntary withdrawal.