UPNG NASA will meet to confirm numbers

Members of the National Academic Staff Association (NASA) at the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) will be meeting on Monday, January 30, to confirm their planned stop work.

The purpose of their planned withdrawal of teaching and assessment component of work is due to their outstanding 7.5 percent pay increment.

NASA has had continuous meetings with the UPNG Management on the issue as well as Industrial Registrar and the Department of Higher Education, including the Minister.

However, there hasn’t been any positive feedback.

NASA president Emmanuel Gorea told Loop PNG that they will be meeting at 10am tomorrow to confirm the support of signatures for voluntary withdrawal.

Gorea said they will meet to make sure they have the 80 percent majority to stage the voluntary withdrawal of teaching and assessment component of their service.

All other task of student consultation, researching, administrative duties, meetings and other university work will remain intact and staff will be at their place of work to undertake these.

The outcome of this proposition is to ensure that the university settles the 7.5 percent now or give specific guarantees on when exactly it will be resolved.

(UPNG students in the Main Lecture Theatre. Picture: Asia Pacific Report)

Quintina Naime