UPNG polling

​Police get students’ opinion

A police vehicle arrived at the station to address the confused students.

The police officer on ground asked them whether polling should proceed today. However, the students are asking if this could be extended to Monday; the reason being the short notice, including most students are off campus for the weekend.

But there are mixed emotions from the group.

A handful of students want polling to be conducted today. They want to get it out of the way and just concentrate on school.

More updates to follow... 

​NCD polls: UPNG station still empty

The university is one of the three stations in NCD whose polling was extended to today.

Despite this being an approved exercise by the Electoral Commissioner, there is still a no show of election officials.

It's midday now and the polling venue is still as empty as it was yesterday afternoon.

The campus atmosphere is a normal quiet Saturday, with students carrying on with their usual activities. Outside, public has not gathered either.

When Loop PNG talked with the university security officials, they said they were not aware of the decision.

UPNG polling yet to begin

Currently there is a dispute over the number of ballot papers which students and staff say is insufficient.

Based in the 2017 updated electoral roll, 1, 350 ballot papers have been issued for polling at the Drill Hall at UPNG.

This has been disputed with students saying there should around 4000 names on the electoral roll.

Currently the students and staff are awaiting an audience with the NCD Election Manager, Alwyn Jimmy.

Meantime, polling officials at the venue say the election manager has been informed.