UPNG boycott 2016

Former UPNG student calls on PM to keep his word

2016 student leader and human rights and anti-corruption advocate, Hercules Palme Jim, said the 5000-plus UPNG 2016 students experienced the worst ever police treatment, where they were shot at and hunted like animals at the UPNG Waigani campus.

Former UPNG student slams plagiarising of slogan

The students started boycotting classes in May last year, calling for Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to respect the integrity of the PM’s office and step aside until all allegations against him are cleared.

During that time, the slogan #UPNG4PNG was borne.

Former UPNG Student Representative Council member, Hercules Jim, told Loop PNG: “We came up with the slogan before the protest...basically to unite UPNG to stand for PNG.

“This slogan comes with the sacrifice of blood and education of UPNG students to fight for the cause they believe in.”

Reconciliation will not be between students and administration, says Dr Mann

Dr Mann told Loop PNG that the administration, nor its staff, went around harassing and intimidating the students.

“The biggest enemy in the campus was not the staff or the security forces.

“The peace reconciliation must be between the students themselves; the different groups, the different factions, the pro-boycott and anti-boycott group and the different provinces.

“Students themselves had gone in and harassed lecturers and those attending class.”

Decrease in OOH operations due to university unrest: Doctor

OOH launched its annual program this year to carry out surgery operations four times in one year.

The annual operation in the past carries out surgery on over 50 patients every year.

OOH cardiothoracic and anaesthesiologist Dr Arvin Karu confirmed that this has not eventuated this year, with only the first operation that took place in February.

This operation was carried out with the help of the Australian team where 10 children successfully underwent it.

More than 50 PNG students in China condemn shooting

Shenyang, Nanjing and Beijing PNG Students Associations all have pledged their support towards their colleagues back home.

Shenyang PNG Students Association president Tony Ware, a former University of Technology graduate, told Loop PNG: “It’s never right for armed police to shoot citizens of any democratic country who are exercising their democratic rights to freedom of speech.”