Sir John Cardinal Ribat

Clergy reminded to fulfill God's plan

Cardinal Ribat encouraged them to commit to their pastoral ministry in evangelisation.

This reminder comes amidst the recent attack on priests in Milne Bay Province, who were in the provincial capital of Alotau for a presbytery council meeting and celebration of the Chrism Mass.

Bishop Roland Santos, Bishop of Alotau, said all seven priests, including a deacon, received injuries; among them a Filipino missionary was severely beaten, while another young priest was stabbed.

Bishop Santos said they were traumatised but resumed duty because of the Holy Week.

Be a servant to others

In his Easter message, Sir John Cardinal Ribat spoke of how Jesus washed the feet of his disciples during a meal.

Found in John 13:3-17, Simon Peter first refused to let Jesus wash his feet.

“And then Jesus said to him, ‘No, if I do not wash your feet then you are not part of me’,” said the Cardinal.

“At this time, Peter changed his mind and said ‘ok, you do not wash my feet but also myself as a whole. Wash me’. And he said ‘no, your feet is enough’.

Cardinal Ribat’s reflections

“One thing Pope Francis speaks about is the concern for the environment and for those who are suffering. His words are encouraging and are a challenge to me to move forward.”

These were the words of PNG’s first Cardinal of the Catholic Church, in an interview on Monday, 05th of February 2018.

The interview highlighted his first year as Cardinal and his reflections on the example of Pope Francis.

Cardinal Ribat, Archbishop of Port Moresby, was elevated as the first Papua New Guinean Cardinal of the Catholic Church by Pope Francis on the 19th of November 2016.

Churches, Govt to tackle issues

The government is considering death penalty in response to this.

But it is still an area they will work closely with the churches to see through, says Minister for ICT and Energy, Sam Basil.

In an event with the PNG Council of Churches yesterday, Minister Basil touched on the need to include churches in addressing these issues.

The Archbishop of Port Moresby, Sir John Cardinal Ribat, said the churches are ready to confront this issue in a common effort.

Cardinal Ribat hails journos

Speaking during the UN AIDS and UN Women media awards night, his eminence stressed on recognising the efforts of journalists and linking to the work of churches in relation to HIV and AIDS in society.

“Seeing what the journalists are doing, you encourage us to be with you and help you to bring the message out clearly to the people of PNG, knowing that we are united to address these recurring issues in the country.”

Government must increase funding to support programs

This was stressed yesterday by Cardinal Sir John Ribat at the opening of the first ever HIV Summit for PNG Christian Leaders Alliance on HIV and AIDS at the Stanley Hotel.

Cardinal Ribat said the PNG Christian Leaders Alliance on HIV and AIDS is an association of heads of churches who have joined forces to demonstrate their leadership support and commitment towards addressing root causes of HIV.

“This includes other related issues or cross cutting issues in PNG,” he said.

Cardinal Ribat officially opens HIV/AIDS Summit

The summit started off with welcoming remarks by the Chairman for PNG Christian Leaders Alliance in HIV and Aids, His Eminence, Sir John Cardinal Ribat.

Cardinal Ribat said one of the great intentions for the HIV Summit is to bring the Head of Churches together so that they are able to speak about this virus that is causing danger to our lives in this nation and that they work together, be one voice in advocating care, peace and unity.

“Today is one moment where we can share this intention and talk about it and work towards promoting it in future,” he said.

Heads of churches to meet over HIV/AIDS

A media briefing was held this morning to brief media on the agenda, key speakers and officiators of the summit for the next two days.

His Eminence, Sir John Cardinal Ribat during the meet this morning said that the summit will be opened tomorrow by Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill.

“The summit will unite the heads of churches throughout Papua New Guinea and will discuss sensitive issues relating to HIV and AIDS such as Gender Based Violence (GBV), stigma and discrimination, human rights, access to service in issues affecting the key population’s in the country.