National Executive Council (NEC)

Simbu Acting PA’s Term Extended

In a NEC meeting last week, Meeting No. 194/2022 advised the Head of State to revoke the appointment of Mr Temai as the Provincial Administrator for Simbu, published in National Gazette No. G725 of 07 November 2018 on disciplinary grounds.

NEC has also extended the appointment of acting Simbu provincial administrator Sebastian Kee for the duration of the 2022 National General Election period until such time a permanent appointment is made. 

Amendments To LLG Administration Act Approved

Minister for Inter-Government Relations, Pila Niningi said the proposed amendments were initiated following a Court decision clarifying the powers for the Minister for Inter-Government Relations that is responsible for the portfolio on Provincial and Local Level Governments Administration.

Justice Minister, Bryan Kramer added that the Act appears to be absent from the LLG Administration and therefore was recommended for legislative amendments.

Feb 28 Declared As Public Holiday

The Department of Prime Minister and the National Executive Council made the announcement in a circular dated February 24th, outlining that NEC decision No. 33/2021 declared 26th February every calendar year as a public holiday to remember the life and times of our first Prime Minister, the late Great Grand Chief Sir Michael T. Somare.

“The anniversary date, 26th February 2022, falls on Saturday, which is a weekend. Accordingly, the National Executive Council has approved Monday as a public holiday.

CLRC Reports Before NEC

The two reports are Review of District Courts Practices and Procedures and the Review of Laws on City Planning and Urban Development. 

CLRC Commissioner, Martha Kokiva said the review of laws for the District Courts Practices and Procedures was to see how best, the District court system could deal with civil and criminal cases without denying the justice that people deserve. 

Public Service Act Amended

The Act now requires public servants to resign 12 months before contesting in elections, and restricts them from entering public service for 5 years after contesting.

Minister for Public Service, Joe Sungi, in the second reading speech for the Amendments to the Public Services Management Act said the State had to draw the line so the public service can operate on its own without the interference of those public servants who wish to contest the elections.

NPC calls for 'Certificate of Inexpediency' in face of COVID-19

The National Procurement Commission (NPC) announced this after the National Executive Council (NEC) approved a “Health Emergency” for COVID-19 preparedness.

Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Simon Bole, said Cabinet has directed the NPC to assist agencies to issue COI for procurement of priority items relating to the COVID-19 preparedness and responses as per Section 69 of the National Procurement Act 2018.

Bole said the COI is a shortcut to the normal open tender process,” for ONLY EMERGENCY projects when there is an emergency declared.

Councilors to vote LLG Presidents

Minister Isifu confirmed that by law all LLG Presidents be elected by the Councilors, and not the people. This is to avoid further issues.

Isifu said the Government had rescinded its decision to allow voters elect the LLG President after so many issues arose out of.

“due to so many issues arising and as a result of direct election of heads if the LLG, NEC made a decision, number 375 of 2015, rescinded its previous decision to have the President direct by the voters. These are on-going issues because of the direct election of the President.”

NEC appoints new MRA MD

Hailing from Gumine District in Chimbu Province, Garry returns to PNG to take up the post after several years working in some of the most challenging countries in the world.

A function was held yesterday to welcome Garry.

The MRA hosted a function in Port Moresby to welcome Jerry Garry as the new MD for the MRA.

Present were Mining Minister, Johnston Tuke, Commerce and Industry Minister, Wera Mori, Minister Assisting the Prime Minister, William Samb, as well as Secretary for Mineral Policy and Geohazards Management (DMPGM), Harry Kore.

Government must increase funding to support programs

This was stressed yesterday by Cardinal Sir John Ribat at the opening of the first ever HIV Summit for PNG Christian Leaders Alliance on HIV and AIDS at the Stanley Hotel.

Cardinal Ribat said the PNG Christian Leaders Alliance on HIV and AIDS is an association of heads of churches who have joined forces to demonstrate their leadership support and commitment towards addressing root causes of HIV.

“This includes other related issues or cross cutting issues in PNG,” he said.

Basil: Issue of Writs deferral must be questioned

He also reminded citizens that speculation about the role of the National Executive Council (NEC) in determining changes to laws regarding elections are limited to suggestions or recommendations to Parliament. On advice from NEC, Parliament then assesses the bills on their merits before voting for or against.

Basil is strongly urging Papua New Guineans to get involved and understand the importance of parliamentary processes.