Simbu Province

CIC opens Gumine footbridge

The footbridge was completed in August 2023. A government-funded project under the CIC Coffee Access Road Project, the project is an investment of K529, 000.00.

Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) senior management team, Simbu provincial government officials and the local community in Omkolai witnessed the opening of the footbridge.

According to Caretaker Chief Executive Officer Steven Tumae, the footbridge will assist the Minibi-Maril people to bring their coffee from the other side of Maril River (Wara Maril) to the roadside, and to market.

CPL opens pharmacy in Kundiawa

The new branch was opened under a Public Private Partnership agreement with the Sir Joseph Nombri Memorial Hospital, and now provides quality and affordable healthcare and wellbeing retail services to the province.

City Pharmacy Kundiawa opened officially after 8 months of preparation on 30th January, 2023 by CPL Founder, Sir Mahesh Patel, Simbu Provincial Health Authority CEO Dr. Francis Wandi and member for Kundiawa-Gembogl, Muguwa Dilu.

Police Arrests Temai

It is alleged that the arrest of Temai is driven by political motives and done by the same police personnel who allegedly prevented Temai from entering office in Kundiawa just recently, after the National Court ordered for his immediate reinstatement.

"Since my suspension, police were funded by a certain politician and I believe the investigation is not neutral and actions by local police and police from Boroka and Mt Hagen indicate that police is not being fair," Temai said.

Lives returning to normal after disaster

This has been aided with the support of business houses, individuals and the Provincial and District Leaders.

Recently SP Brewery presented K10, 000 to assist families of the victims and locals in the area. The support was presented by SP Brewer Corporate Affairs Manager & Company Secretary, John Nilkare Jnr to Kundiawa-Gembog MP, William Gogl Onguglo.

Last week CBL Tema Mart also delivered food items to the affected community.

MOU signed for Simbu projects

These include the Simbu lime and cement projects, the solar, hydro and carbon fired power project and the Mai river dam water supply project.

The MOU was signed early in August by Elimbari Lime and Cement Limited and Dongfeng Electric International Company.

The signing of the MOU was witnessed by Trade and Commerce Minister, Wera Mori.

Minister Mori says the MOU paves the way for the site preparation, special mining lease and engagement of local consultants to undertake social studies, landowner identification and formations of incorporated land groups (ILGs).

VIDEO: Extra ballot papers burnt

The ballot papers did not match the voting population of 26,000 in the district.


Freddy Mou reports 

​Simbu polling deferred

Polling now has been deferred to Tuesday, 27th June.

Election Manager, Reverend Tom Sine, said the one-day polling in Simbu had to be deferred to sort out candidate grievances over the Electoral Roll.

The Electoral Roll, initially sent with the ballot papers, was questioned by the candidates and scrutineers.

The Electoral Commission headquarters was notified of this issue on Friday.

This morning, Reverend Tom Sine confirmed receiving an updated Electoral Roll from the headquarters.

He said candidates and scrutineers are now happy with it.

Too much alcohol drinking in Simbu – police chief

He says there are far too many liquor outlets in provincial capital Kundiawa such that it is “not funny anymore’’.

Police in Kundiawa get at least two to three reports a day on cases related to alcohol.

“Consumption of alcohol is high in the province and as a result there are too many incidents involving alcohol,” he told LOOP.

Beli says over the weekends police receive up to 10 reports of alcohol related cases.

He is urging the Liquor Licensing Board to cooperate in ensuring the granting of liquor licences  is controlled.

Police: Festive operations a success

Provincial Police Commander Albert Beli says most celebrations by residents of Kundiawa were kept indoors with only a few minor incidents.

He says this was the same for people throughout the districts.

Beli says the Simbu stretch of the Highlands Highway was also peaceful with no arrests of drunk drivers or any accidents at all.

Bus plunge in gorge kills driver

Simbu police described the bus in the crash as “crushed empty can”.

Provincial Police Commander for Chimbu Province Albert Beli says investigations have revealed the driver was not alert as a result of continuously driving from one province to another.