MOU signed for Simbu projects

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed to pave way for four major projects in Simbu Province.

These include the Simbu lime and cement projects, the solar, hydro and carbon fired power project and the Mai river dam water supply project.

The MOU was signed early in August by Elimbari Lime and Cement Limited and Dongfeng Electric International Company.

The signing of the MOU was witnessed by Trade and Commerce Minister, Wera Mori.

Minister Mori says the MOU paves the way for the site preparation, special mining lease and engagement of local consultants to undertake social studies, landowner identification and formations of incorporated land groups (ILGs).

Minister Mori said K13 million had already been spent by the Government to progress the project.

He said they are currently awaiting K2 million from the Department of Planning and Monitoring to progress work.

The MOU will advance the commencement of four major projects.

They include the:

  • Simbu Industrial Lime Plant Project;
  • Simbu Cement Plant Project;
  • Simbu Solar, Hydro & Coal Fired Power Project; and
  • Mai River Dam Water Supply Project

Minister Mori said the lime and cement projects will be major revenue earners for Simbu and the country.

Cedric Patjole