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Acanufa is SPB marketing manager

In a statement, SPB says, “This strategic move reflects SP Brewery's commitment to developing our local talent.

“Lawrence Acanufa brings a wealth of marketing expertise and a deep understanding of the local market having previously held leadership and innovation roles within the company.”

Ed Weggemans, SP Brewery's Managing Director says, "We are delighted to welcome Lawrence Acanufa to our team as the first Papa New Guinean Marketing Manager. His appointment underscores our dedication to embracing local talent.”

Record 1250 Accident-Free Days

Safety Manager Geraldine Makui, emphasized the continuous efforts invested by the team to ensure strict adherence to safety protocols amidst the daily presence of potential hazards and associated risks.

"Our team collaborates diligently every day to ensure that all safety requirements are meticulously followed," stated Makui.

While extending her congratulations to the staff, Makui urged everyone to remain steadfast in prioritizing safety.

SP reaffirms support to B4H

SP’s Corporate Affairs Manager, John Nilkare says, “SP Brewery has had a long-standing partnership with Businesses for Health, and we are delighted to continue our support for another year.”

B4H’s Chief Executive Officer Dr Ann Calrk commented, “We are grateful for SP Brewery’s ongoing commitment. High rates of TB, drug resistance, and the many cases of TB amongst our children and working people, are bad for business and bad for the economy.”

Hunters 2023 season launched

The event took place in front of all corporate sponsors including naming rights sponsor SP Brewery and other major partners.

It’s a long time between drinks for the Hunters players, coaching staff and management to mingle and embrace with representatives from the various major corporate sponsors, partners, the media and friends.

SP opens K6m staff housing project

Refurbishment work began in December 2021 and took eight months to complete. The Badili Hides Compound now has forty-eight units available for eligible brewery staff. 

The investment of K6m into the refurbishment of the residential complexes will now ensure that 48 eligible staff and their families are housed in clean, well-maintained, and safe accommodation. The staff housing compound consists of 48 accommodation units; 20 single bedroom units and 28 double bedroom units.

Young man plans hire car business

The young man won the vehicle through a promotion run by South Pacific Brewery and Boroko Foodworld.

The promotion started during Easter and ended on Thursday May 19, 2022. The promotion required customers from Boroko Foodworld’s liquor outlet to purchase any SPB product to enter a draw.

Habitein was one of many customers who purchased SP Brewery products and participated in the promotion. His receipt was picked in a draw and the Toyota Corolla presented to him, the next day.

SP Brewery Supports Staff

SP Brewery take the Health and Safety of its staff seriously and as a responsible company and since February of 2020, it became vigilant in implementing measures to reduce the risk in transmission and spread of COVID-19 in the work place.

These are some of the measures actioned by the company:

SP Launches Sustainable Development Plan

Through its parent company Heineken, SP Brewery launched a 2030 Sustainability plan that aims to support the delivery of the UN SDGs, and out of 17 Sustainable Development Goals, SP Brewery focuses on nine areas in:

Zero Alcohol Beer

The Heineken 0.0 (zero zero), launched today in Port Moresby, promises the same great tasting beer, but with zero alcohol. The launch makes SP Brewery one of 59 other Heineken operating companies who have introduced the beer into their markets.

SP Brewery Managing Director, Ed Weggemans said the company is committed to introducing new and innovative products to meet and develop consumer needs.

SP Brewery Boosts Team PNG

Team PNG received a K143,000 cheque from SP Brewery in Port Moresby to assist the  Team prepares for the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games in Japan.

Corporate Affairs Manager, John Nilkare, said the SPB has a strong and long-term relationship with the PNG Olympic Committee (PNGOC), dating back as far as the early 1980’s, during the days of the Pepsi Fun Run, when it was the major sponsor.

He said the Company has supported sports through other marquee events such as the SP Sports Awards, since 1992, in partnership with the PNGOC and PNG Sports Foundation.