Police Arrests Temai

Police has arrested the incumbent Simbu Provincial Administrator, Michael Bal Temai, midday yesterday, Thursday 18th of November at his village at Warasimbu.

It is alleged that the arrest of Temai is driven by political motives and done by the same police personnel who allegedly prevented Temai from entering office in Kundiawa just recently, after the National Court ordered for his immediate reinstatement.

"Since my suspension, police were funded by a certain politician and I believe the investigation is not neutral and actions by local police and police from Boroka and Mt Hagen indicate that police is not being fair," Temai said.

"I am the incumbent PA, I am not a terrorist, armed robber, murder or prison escape to deserve such treatment. If there are allegations related to work, there are processes to follow. 
"I can face the full force of the law after the current political situation between myself and Governor is resolved by the court and when I am reinstated. When police act on the one-sided request by the Governor, it has already created tension and Simbu is not safe. 

"My family was assaulted in an earlier incident and my arrest is uncalled for. The Governor should not use police to pursue his private interest. This is really unfair to me as a citizen and a constitutional office holder, and regardless of circumstances, due respect must be accorded."

Mr Temai stressed that this standoff cannot continue and escalate forever and called on Governor Michael Dua to demonstrate leadership and come home and face the people to clear their doubts. 

"We have a national election coming up, COVID-19 impacting community, close of government account and 2022 budget are priority activities needing our united attention. 
"Governor and I must reconcile and create sustained stability immediately," he said.

Loop Author