Lives returning to normal after disaster

Two weeks following the devastating landslide that claimed the lives of 10 people in Kegesuglo in Kundiawa-Gembog District, locals are slowly getting their lives back to normal.

This has been aided with the support of business houses, individuals and the Provincial and District Leaders.

Recently SP Brewery presented K10, 000 to assist families of the victims and locals in the area. The support was presented by SP Brewer Corporate Affairs Manager & Company Secretary, John Nilkare Jnr to Kundiawa-Gembog MP, William Gogl Onguglo.

Last week CBL Tema Mart also delivered food items to the affected community.

Kundiawa-Gembog MP, William Gogl Onguglo, has also thanked Simbu Governor, Michael Dua, Fresh Producer Development Agency (FPDA), as well as other companies and individuals who have come to their support during in the aftermath of the mudslide.

Meanwhile the three separate landslips had previously blocked off roads and bridges affected farmers and district agro supply's like bulb and potatoes produces which are shipped to Port Moresby regularly.

Onguglo says these have all been cleared with movement slowly returning to normal.

The mudslide which killed 10 people, occurred on April 10th on the morning of Good Friday.

The natural disaster destroyed homes, gardens and livestock and fish farms, located at the foot of Mt Wilhelm.

The Wandike Tribe was the most affected by the disaster.

Wandike Tribe Leader, Vincent Dor, thanked the local MP and his office for his quick response and the support received from the Province, individuals and businesses houses.

Cedric Patjole