Momase region

GST awareness in Lae

The two-day session is facilitated by the Internal Revenue Commission, in collaboration with the Department of Finance.

Today’s session was attended by what is known as ‘authorised withholders’ – which are the provincial governments, district development authorities and provincial health authorities within Momase. The second day will be for suppliers or service providers to these provincial governments, DDAs and PHAs.

NRI Highlights Education Restrictions In Momase

However, factors that contribute to the deteriorating state of quality education continue to persist in the Momase region.

The National Research Institute (NRI) Spotlight Volume 15, Issue 5: “Challenges that schools face in the delivery of quality basic education in Momase region” authored by PNG NRI Senior Research Fellow, Dr Kilala Devette-Chee provides insight into factors that restrict the delivery of quality education.

ANGAU operating rooms out of order

Equipment and staffing are the main challenges that prevent Morobe’s health workers from effectively performing their duties.

The ANGAU Memorial Provincial Hospital, built in 1963, currently serves over 675,000 residents of Morobe, and acts as a referral hospital for 1.9 million people of the Momase region.

Unfortunately, capacity and capability limitations hamper the effective delivery of health services to the population.

Momase service delivery high on agenda

Secretary for Department of Personnel Management, John Kali, met with Madang Governor Jim Kas and his Provincial Administrator, Danny Aloi, to discuss capacity and capability development.

Their recent discussions centered around strengthening of institutional partnerships between Papua New Guinea Institution of Public Administration Northern Regional learning and development centre, Divine Word University, National Maritime College, Balob Teachers College and other relevant stakeholders.

New engineering design needed for Highway

Wereh said the soil structure of the roads, particularly in the Highlands region, is unstable.    

The highway, sometimes referred to as the Okuk Highway, connects the populous highlands region to the coastal areas of Morobe and Madang in the Momase Region.

Wereh told Loop PNG that a new engineering design, created to address soil movement, will limit continuous damage on the Highlands Highway during the wet season.

New judicial infrastructure to serve Momase region

A National Court of Appeal and five National Court Houses will be built opposite the Angau Memorial Hospital. These infrastructure will serve the Momase region.

Lae residential Judge Justice Don Sawong revealed this during the week.

"The new national judicial services will serve the Momase region. The old one will be used by the magisterial services," he said.

These new infrastructure will cost around K100 million.

He said these will be on the portion of land that has been allocated to the Law and Justice Department.