Justice Don Sawong

Justice Sawong resigns from judiciary

Chairman of Judicial and Legal Services Commission Ano Pala announced the resignation of Justice Don Sawong from the National and Supreme Courts of Papua New Guinea.

Justice Sawong’s resignation is effective as of 31 March 2017.

In a press statement dated 12 April and released on April 21, the Minister for Justice and Attorney General, on behalf of the Government of PNG, thanked Justice Sawong for his services to the judiciary.

Justice Sawong’s resignation comes two years short before his current term expires. He has served a total of 19 years as a judge.

New judicial infrastructure to serve Momase region

A National Court of Appeal and five National Court Houses will be built opposite the Angau Memorial Hospital. These infrastructure will serve the Momase region.

Lae residential Judge Justice Don Sawong revealed this during the week.

"The new national judicial services will serve the Momase region. The old one will be used by the magisterial services," he said.

These new infrastructure will cost around K100 million.

He said these will be on the portion of land that has been allocated to the Law and Justice Department.

Morobe judicial services to reach rural areas

Residential Judge in Lae, Justice Don Sawong, said they will bring the work of the judicial services out to the districts of Morobe.

"We would like to bring the judicial services to the people. We have visited Bulolo and Finschhafen in the past and now, we would like to include the other five districts as well," he said.

Justice Sawong stated that crime has increased at an alarming rate, with them receiving between 25-30 crimes each month. He wondered whether police are doing their job or lawlessness is increasing.