John Kali

OC accuses Temu, Kali of ‘wrongful conduct’

The Ombudsman Commission Report titled: “Investigation into alleged improper decision by the Government Office Allocation Committee to engage Central Land Ltd to build a 32-storey Government office complex at Waigani Central in the National Capital District”, stated that both leaders had breached Section 39 and 40 of the Public Finances (Management) Act, 1995 and Part 13, of the Financial Manual.

Kali urged to reconsider log of claim

The claim was submitted last year by the association, asking for improved working terms and conditions.

As it is now, the health support workers are the lowest paid public servants, despite being the biggest human resource and key players in the health sector.

This group makes up the services of drug supply and delivery, administrative, legal and technical assistance to the clinical staff.

President Michael Laru said there is a huge gap which needs to be reduced immediately.

No public holiday

Secretary for Personal Management John Kali confirmed this today.

However, Kali said public servants must be given time off to cast their votes.

He said he has instructed Departmental Heads give time off to public servants, with pay, to exercise their constitutional right to vote.

The private sector has also been instructed to allow its employees to vote as well.

Polling will begin tomorrow June 24 and ends on July 8, 20-17.

​Agencies urged to allow reservists man elections

Personnel Management Secretary, John Kali, made the request in a circular issued at the start of the week.

In an advance notice given for agencies to plan ahead, Kali said reservists had been called to assist during the elections between June and July.

“I am therefore requesting that all agency heads look favourably upon requests from police reservists in their organisations to attend to the Police Commissioner’s call,” he said.

“As far as possible, police reservists should be released for the whole of the 2017 election period.

Momase service delivery high on agenda

Secretary for Department of Personnel Management, John Kali, met with Madang Governor Jim Kas and his Provincial Administrator, Danny Aloi, to discuss capacity and capability development.

Their recent discussions centered around strengthening of institutional partnerships between Papua New Guinea Institution of Public Administration Northern Regional learning and development centre, Divine Word University, National Maritime College, Balob Teachers College and other relevant stakeholders.

PNGIPA Governing Council members visit Gaire village

Chairman of PNGIPA Governing Council and Personnel Management Secretary John Kali says this is for the delivery of services in the local level governments and wards.

 PNG IPA Governing Council meeting was held last Friday at March Girls resort.

They also visited Gaire village to speak to the villagers on how best the Government school can help in capacity building in the public service for the benefit of village people to receive better government services.

Medical cover for public servants

Department of Personnel Management Secretary John Kali said negotiation had already started with the Public Employees Association (PEA).

He said the parties also agreed that insurance cover for public servants will be resolved through an MoU for individual cover.

The parties encourage all public servants to take individual cover with PEA.

Negotiations have not failed says Kali on nurses woes

He was responding to questions from Loop PNG about the ultimatum given by PNG Nurse Association today to stop work next week Thursday.

PNGNA acting National President Steven Nawik in a media conference this morning said to stop its financial members on turning up for work if the National Government does not respond to their outstanding log claims dating back to MOU signed for 2011-13.   

“There is no industrial dispute in existence right now because there is still room for negotiations which we have yet to conclude,” Kali told Loop PNG.

Kali: Doctors strike in breach of employment contracts

Department of Personal Management Secretary John Kali urged the doctors to return to work as the threats of withdrawal of labour contained in the NDA petition is in breach of their contracts.

Kali has lodged a formal complaint with the Industrial Registrar that the threats are in breach of contracts, in breach of the Industrial Award and the law.

He reminded NDA members that they are individually contracted to the State as employer and that they have a duty by virtue of their contract to provide medical care to the public at all times.

PNG Loop’s 5@5

You must have concrete evidence, says PM O’Neill

I am not going to allow the Office of the Prime Minister to be demeaned, questioned when they are false allegations.


Police confirms 12 deaths after plane crash in Kiunga

Twelve people, including three children and the pilot, who crashed on Wednesday, are all confirmed dead.