Momase service delivery high on agenda

Service delivery in the Momase Region has been the focus of a discussion between the Department of Personnel Management and leaders in Madang Province.

Secretary for Department of Personnel Management, John Kali, met with Madang Governor Jim Kas and his Provincial Administrator, Danny Aloi, to discuss capacity and capability development.

Their recent discussions centered around strengthening of institutional partnerships between Papua New Guinea Institution of Public Administration Northern Regional learning and development centre, Divine Word University, National Maritime College, Balob Teachers College and other relevant stakeholders.

The partnerships would help provide facilities to accommodate public servants undergoing programs in the province to up-skill and develop capacity to enable service delivery in the province and the country as a whole.

Also with the partnerships, institutions with expertise will assist in designing and developing demand driven training programs in the PNGIPA regional centres.

Kali said the government was keen on bringing service delivery to the people in the district level thus; capacity and capability development is paramount.

However, PNGIPA, as the only government owned institution in the country, cannot fully implement the program due to capacity shortage and limited facilities to cater for the increased number of intakes.

The institutional partnerships will help take care of some of these shortfalls with sharing of facilities and expertise.

“The institutional partnerships between these organisations are vital in ensuring public servants are competent in practical service,” says Kali.

Accompanying Kali was PNGIPA Director, Angori Wewerang, his Deputy Peter Sapsi and Peter Lelesi.

(Loop file pic of Secretary for Department of Personnel Management, John Kali)

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