Member for North Fly

Aust visa processes queried

He is concerned that simple Papua New Guineans find it difficult to obtain an Australian Visa because of its complicated requirements.

Getting an Australian Visa is a mammoth task that involved a lot of requirement; and to add to that the Australian Visa office is based in Fiji and not in the country.

North Fly MP, James Donald raised this issue in Parliament highlighting that some countries have relax visa requirement compared to Australia.

Injunction on P'Nyang Agreement

Lawyer representing the MP, Ralph Saulep said they served the restraining order electronically to Minister for Petroleum, Kerenga Kua before the signing took place.

However, Prime Minister James Marape signed the Gas Agreement at the Government House at midday today, Tuesday 22 February.

Mr Donald, in a media conference, has stated that the signing is illegal as landowners were not involved in the agreement process and that the Project Retention License for one developing partner, ExxonMobil, had expired.

Tread carefully in reviewing resource laws: Minister

His question during the recent Parliament session was directed to the Minister for Petroleum, Kerenga Kua, who said industry legislations will be looked at carefully because these are billion-dollar industries.

Minister Kua said the first task that his Ministry has taken to is the Papua LNG Gas agreement.

Western leaders ‘Look West’

The Member for North Fly, James Donald, outlined this when talking about the efforts in place to build up infrastructure along the border.

Mr Donald says that he has spoken with the relevant authorities to begin preparation work on sorting out key areas along the border to pursue connections with Indonesia.

The member explains that this preliminary arrangements and negotiations have been ongoing for a while now with several decisions being made as a result of the numerous dialogues that have taken place to date.

Western MPs join PNG Party

In a conference this morning, Western Governor, Taboi Awi Yoto and member for North Fly, James Donald signed their acceptence letter to formally join PNG party.

The members were formally contesting under separate parties, Taboi Awi Yoto under United Resource Party and James Donald under Peoples Progress Party.

Both parties are part of the current government.

This been one of the main reasons they had pulled out of their running parties to join PNG party.