Minister for Petroleum

Gov’t Put On Notice

The Government and Twinza agreed final terms for the Pasca A Gas Agreement, which were reflected in an agreement that both parties committed to use. Negotiations was completed last month and signing is pending.

The Gas Agreement delivers all of the Government’s stated objectives from the project and provide the highest State take of any resource development in PNG, with over 60 per cent of project value (55 per cent nominal State take) as announced by Minister Kua on July 13,

KPHL awarded PRL’s

These include PRL 48, 49, and 50 of the already discovered gas fields of Kimu, Barikewa, and Uramu.

The three fields have a best estimate of contingent resources (2C) of slightly over 2 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of gas with approximately 50 – 60 million barrels condensate.

Minister for Petroleum, Kerenga Kua, today presented the licenses to KPHL Managing Director, Wapu Sonk.

PRL 48, 49, and 50 represent the already discovered gas fields of Kimu, Barikewa and Uramu, in which KPHL will work towards developing.

Minister to follow process in appointment of secretary

In a statement, the Minister called on the public to respect the process of the Public Service Commission (PSC) in making the selection.

His statement comes after malicious comments were made in the media last week about public servants who were allegedly shortlisted by the Public Service Commission.

Minister Kua said political interference in the past has eroded Government systems and processes and he would like to see that this government avoids this trap.

Kua commends appointment of Sir Salamo in CoI

Kua also commended the appointment of Sam Koim, former Task Force Sweep head, as Counsel assisting the COI. 

He says former Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia comes to this job with a substantial experience and integrity and would do an excellent job in the Inquiry. 

He dismissed any insinuations of bias on the part of the former Chief Justice in this appointment, especially those raised by former Prime Minister Peter O’Neill. 

Kua says Sir Salamo is a very experienced Judge and knows enough to compartmentalise issues. 

Tread carefully in reviewing resource laws: Minister

His question during the recent Parliament session was directed to the Minister for Petroleum, Kerenga Kua, who said industry legislations will be looked at carefully because these are billion-dollar industries.

Minister Kua said the first task that his Ministry has taken to is the Papua LNG Gas agreement.

Ministerial determination for pipeline signed

This follows the completion of social mapping and landowner beneficiary identification (LOBID) recently.

The social mapping and LOBID was done through a combined team involving the Department of Petroleum & Energy, Mineral Resources Development Company (MRDC), Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited (KPHL) and the gas coordinating office.

Minister Pok signed the instruments yesterday with Acting Secretary for the DPE, Kepsie Puiye, and Treasurer Dairi Vele.

P’nyang to be standalone project: Pok

He said that is the understanding of the Government.

Minister Pok said this in Parliament in response to the announcement by ExxonMobil of the increased gas resource at the P’nyang gas reserve.

The Minister was questioned by North Fly MP, James Donald, over a contradiction to a statement last year.

Oil, gas act sufficient: Pok

He said this following the successful drilling and flaring of the Pasca A4 gas condensate offshore well.

Speaking to media after the milestone, Minister Pok said the Government will work within the confines of the current Act to underscore what is likely to be the country’s  first offshore gas project.

“If there is a need to cater for the offshore then we will. But at the moment, I think the oil and gas act is sufficient for onshore and offshore developments,” he said.