Western Governor

Commitment reaffirmed

The High Commissioner was joined by Western Governor, Taboi Yoto, Member for South Fly Open, Sekie Agisa, as well as senior representatives of the Australian Federal Police and the Department of Home Affairs, PNG Customs and the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary.

The many agencies represented on the delegation reflect the shared importance with which Australia and PNG treat the issues faced by this important border province. This was reaffirmed when the delegation took a tour of the Torres Strait towards Saibai Island.

Western Governor switches to Government

Welcoming the Governor and the other two MPs, Maprik MP, John Simon and Usino-Bundi MP, Jimmy Uguro, Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, said their move to the government shows that the Government is intact and stable.

In a small ceremony this afternoon at the Sir Manasupe Haus in Port Moresby,  the Prime Ministersaid the MPs move shows that PNC led government is intact and confident to remain in power for the remaining parliament terms.

Electoral Boundaries Commission to be announced

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said this in parliament today.

He said the Electoral Boundaries Commission will look at dividing electorates that have big land masses, making it difficult for some District Development Authorities (DDAs) to cover.

The Prime Minister made the announcement when asked by Western Governor, Taboi Awi Yoto.

Governor Yoto said his province is the largest in the country and will need to be considered by the Commission for new boundaries.

Western MPs join PNG Party

In a conference this morning, Western Governor, Taboi Awi Yoto and member for North Fly, James Donald signed their acceptence letter to formally join PNG party.

The members were formally contesting under separate parties, Taboi Awi Yoto under United Resource Party and James Donald under Peoples Progress Party.

Both parties are part of the current government.

This been one of the main reasons they had pulled out of their running parties to join PNG party.

LOOP PNG’s 5@5

 Maru not happy with number of people working in NZ, Australia

The Papua New Guinea Government will push for New Zealand to include a clause on fruit picking in a Bilateral Trade Agreement for both Pacific Islands Forum member nations.



UPNG student leaders’ accommodation issue back in court

Bail refused for Wobiro, Gumoi and May

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia refused to grant bail to the three this afternoon. However, he said their appeal will be put on the Supreme Court fast track list of cases.

“I am not satisfied that their continued imprisonment pending appeal is not justified.”

Sir Salamo said the interest of justice demands that the applicants (Wobiro, Gumoi and May) remain imprisoned whilst their appeals are being fast tracked to a hearing.

“For the foregoing reasons, bail is refused in respect of each applicant,” the Chief Justice said.

K10,000 bail granted to Wobiro and friends

The National Court granted bail for the three after they showed exceptional circumstances. Bail was allowed after conviction pending the sentencing of the three.

Justice Panuel Mogish this afternoon allowed bail after medical reports produced before the court came from reputable medical practitioners and specialists.

He also allowed bail after considering the affidavit of Bomana Jail Commander, Superintendent, Haraha  Keko, that the CIS facility at Bomana was very basic and unable to accommodate, treat and monitor patients with heart conditions.

Another night for Wobiro at Bomana

 Governor Wobiro, Provincial Administrator Dr Modowa Gumoi and founder of Fly Care Foundation Inc. Norman Carl May were all taken back to Bomana around 4:30 this afternoon after the awaited bail application did not take place.

Family members, relatives and supporters of the three walked out of the court prescient disappointed at the turn out of the day.

Media personnel waiting outside later became the target as the three were driven out in the Correctional Service truck.