Western leaders ‘Look West’

In an effort to move the province forward, Western province leaders have proposed a ‘Look West’ policy to pursue international relations with Indonesia.

The Member for North Fly, James Donald, outlined this when talking about the efforts in place to build up infrastructure along the border.

Mr Donald says that he has spoken with the relevant authorities to begin preparation work on sorting out key areas along the border to pursue connections with Indonesia.

The member explains that this preliminary arrangements and negotiations have been ongoing for a while now with several decisions being made as a result of the numerous dialogues that have taken place to date.

The member says that for now, the challenge is to put in infrastructure by putting roads through the closest border posts, but they yet to officially notify the relevant departments such as Foreign affairs.

The member highlighted the business aspect of the Look West policy explaining that it is most cost efficient to bring in goods and services from Indonesia rather than Port Moresby given the proximity.

 Meantime, the member says that all proper channels will be pursued to open up this policy as well as push for a Free Trade Zone that will help cut costs in terms of logistics and freight fare.




Julianna Waeda