PNG Party

Parties Present Policies

PNG NRI Director, Dr. Osborne Sanida, welcomed everyone to the 8th Political Parties’ Seminar Series and thanked and acknowledged the participating Party Executives.

General Secretary of PNG Party Kila Poka presented the party’s policies and said the party aims to serve the people to become educated, healthy, wealthy, and productive. The party believes on the Principles of Vision 2050 as its foundational pillars.

PM responds to political parties’ merger

“Rearranging deck chairs in the same boat is not going to increase numbers for the opposition,” said the PM in a statement this afternoon.

“Mekere is the most yoyo MP on record of PNG politics.

“He has been with more parties than any other leader in the country’s history.

“He went from PDM to PNG Party to Pangu to now NA and was an independent member for so many times between parties.

“Sadly for him, this political opportunism will leave him isolated, lacking in friends and respect, with shattered dreams and no party will be his legacy.”

Political parties merge in bid to oust PM

In a statement released today, the Member for Moresby North-West and former prime minister, Sir Mekere Morauta, said: “Papua New Guineans must now stand up and take the opportunity offered by this merger to talk to like-minded Members of Parliament on the Government benches to work with the Opposition to replace the Prime Minister.

“We know that there are some very good Members on the other side, even in PNC, who want change as they know that this Prime Minister is not fit to run the country.

Western MPs join PNG Party

In a conference this morning, Western Governor, Taboi Awi Yoto and member for North Fly, James Donald signed their acceptence letter to formally join PNG party.

The members were formally contesting under separate parties, Taboi Awi Yoto under United Resource Party and James Donald under Peoples Progress Party.

Both parties are part of the current government.

This been one of the main reasons they had pulled out of their running parties to join PNG party.

Free Education policy is a failure, says PNG Party

“PNG Party has the vision and we will do it (free education policy) better than what it is today,” said Party General Secretary Kila Poka.

He made this comment when speaking to media at the National Research Institute on Thursday after presenting the party policies.

The Party is currently in the Opposition, and expected to endorse 60 candidates in the 2017 National Elections, which is a month away.  

“Before doing free education policy we must come up with an infrastructure to accommodate the influx of students, unfortunately that is not there (today),” Poka said.

Bougainvilleans must decide their future: PNG Party

In the Bougainville Peace Road Map, the people of Bougainville will cast their votes in 2019 to decide to be part of Papua New Guinea or become the newest Independent State in the World.  

With the Issue of Writs for the election a month away, PNG Party General Secretary Kila Poka said his party will let the people of Bougainville decide its future.  

PNG Party eyes 60 candidates to contest 2017 Elections

PNG Party General Secretary Kila Poka revealed this to the media after presenting the party’s policies at the National Research Institute in Port Moresby today.      

Poka said the party received over 500 expression of interest from aspiring politicians and party officials in the last five months had screened it down to 98 candidates.

“We have finalised of 98 candidates in which we think we can do better to screen down, and we are hoping to run almost 60 candidates. 

Tax exemption on basic goods: PNG Party

PNG Party General Secretary Kila Poka said average Papua New Guineans must be able to purchase good food to improve their living standard.    

He added that tax exemptions will be placed on imported building materials and appliances to make it easy for Papua New Guineans to build decent houses.