Malakai Tabar

Petition against Wong dismissed

Justice Collin Makail dismissed the petition on Thursday because the petitioner, former MP Malakai Tabar, did not establish a case for Wong to respond.

The dismissal came after Wong’s no-case submission was successful in court.  

On Wednesday, the court ruled out one of the three allegations in the petition after it was found to be incompetent.

The trial proceeded on Thursday with the two remaining allegations of bribery. Evidence was called in by the petitioner.

PNC and NA party marriage seems to be over

This is the fourth week for campaigning and candidates and parties will be looking at marketing themselves to the voters.

PNG Electoral Commission stated earlier that 3,332 candidates will contest for the 22 Provincial and 89 Open seats in the Papua New Guinea’s 111 seat Parliament.

The eight weeks of campaign will end on June 23, followed by the two weeks of polls.

Meanwhile, the political marriage between the two largest parties in the coalition government is coming to an end.  

​Tabar resigns from Cabinet

His decision, which was revealed on Saturday, is in support of his National Alliance Parliamentary Leader, Patrick Pruaitch, who has been stripped of his portfolio as the Treasury Minister.

Tabar made the announcement at a rally held in his Gazelle Electorate in East New Britain Province.

His decision leaves the Transport and Infrastructure portfolio vacant at the moment.

Hundreds of people attended the election rally, which was held at the Napapar 4 church grounds.

Road use critical for overall development: Tabar

Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Malakai Tabar, said this during the launching of the Road Traffic Authority Corporate Plan 2017 – 2019.

Minister Tabar said while having road infrastructure was a critical element of development, its proper use and regulation was of paramount importance as well.

“The changes in land transport has been overdue for some time. This organisation, RTA, effectively comes up at a time when there is a strong need for coordinated planning to always improve our road and transport usage.

Provinces must create small craft boards: Tabar

Minister for Transport, Malakai Tabar, said it was the responsibility of each respective Provincial Government to establish the boards to coordinate the Act which regulates small crafts or boats, and the standards for construction, safety, operation and registration of small crafts.

He said this in response to Ijivitari MP, David Arore, who asked about the Transport Departments policy on small craft.

Arore said while by boat from a trip in Northern Province, he came across two capsised dinghies which resulted in a death of a person.

Air safety is top priority for Govt: Minister Tabar

Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Malakai Tabar says safety standards and safety compliance cannot be traded off against other aspects of government’s spending in the air transport sub-sector.

Tabar said that through this policy statement, Government requires the aviation entities, Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), National Airports Corporation (NAC) and PNG Air Services Limited (PNGASL) to make passenger safety first priority.

He said advancement in technology calls for the upgrade of the navigation system using satellite technology.

Transport Review to help standardise public transport

Transport and Infrastructure Minister, Malakai Tabar says this will see to strengthening the monitoring and licensing processes and guidelines for public transport, both PMV’s and taxis.

Tabar says they have accepted strong statements from people through the media and the department, along with the assistance from the Government and the APEC minister, for improvements will be made.

APEC Transport Ministers meeting scheduled for October

The meeting will take place in Port Moresby on October 9 to 13, 2017 with over 20 Ministerial Committees expected to attend.

Minister for Sport, National Events and APEC, Justin Tkatchenko and Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Malakai Tabara announced this at the Manasupe Haus today.

Minister Tabar says the hosting of the Transportation Ministerial Meeting will provide the opportunity to advance Transportation issues which are of great concern to the nation and the APEC region.

K1 million to be given to Oro learning centre

The centre which is a former campus of the University of Natural Resources and Environment (UNRE) will receive the funding promised to it.

Minister for Higher Education, Research and Technology, Malakai Tabar, said this to Ijivitari MP, David Arore, when queried about the funds and if the institution would be ready by next year.

“My Secretary has given instruction to the Vice Chancellor of UNRE to return the funds that were parked under UNRE to transfer it to the department then the department will look at allocating that K1 million to Oro Campus,” said Tabar.

K15m project for Maritime College

Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Malakai Tabar officially launched the construction of the projects in the presence of Higher Education Minister Francis Marus on Friday in Madang, Maritime College campus.