National Alliance

Marape announces major Cabinet reshuffle

They include Charles Abel, Alfred Manase, Petrus Thomas and Elias Kapavore.

This was announced following the swearing in of National Alliance Party Leader, Patrick Pruaitch, and his Deputy, Timothy Masiu, as Ministers as well as United Resources Party Parliamentary Leader, William Duma, and his Deputy Jelta Wong.

Pruaitch now takes on the Foreign Affairs and International Trade portfolio, Masiu as Communication and Information Minister, while Duma has been allocated the Commerce and Industry Portfolio, and Wong as Health & HIV/AIDS Minister.

NA dominates LLG presidential elections

The five Local Level Government seats that NA candidates won include Sentral Niu Ailan, Namatanai Rural, Nimamar, Matalai and Konoagil while it lost remote Tanir LLG to a PPP candidate.

PM responds to political parties’ merger

“Rearranging deck chairs in the same boat is not going to increase numbers for the opposition,” said the PM in a statement this afternoon.

“Mekere is the most yoyo MP on record of PNG politics.

“He has been with more parties than any other leader in the country’s history.

“He went from PDM to PNG Party to Pangu to now NA and was an independent member for so many times between parties.

“Sadly for him, this political opportunism will leave him isolated, lacking in friends and respect, with shattered dreams and no party will be his legacy.”

Political parties merge in bid to oust PM

In a statement released today, the Member for Moresby North-West and former prime minister, Sir Mekere Morauta, said: “Papua New Guineans must now stand up and take the opportunity offered by this merger to talk to like-minded Members of Parliament on the Government benches to work with the Opposition to replace the Prime Minister.

“We know that there are some very good Members on the other side, even in PNC, who want change as they know that this Prime Minister is not fit to run the country.

NA dispels rumours of joining Gov’t

The response was triggered after member for Madang, Bryan Kramer, posted on social media saying thre were talks of NA being offered seven portfolios if it moved over to the Government benches.

According to a spokesperson for National Alliance, the party is intact and such rumors were just perpetrated to destroy the good image of the party.  

The source said the Party will release an official statement soon to dispel this rumor. 

The party spokesperson also called on those who instigated this rumor, to not interfere with the affairs of another political party.

VIDEO: NA members petitioned

These petitions will now see these members bring the matter to the court of disputed returns for all Election matters. 


Imelda Wavik with report 

Sungi retains Nuku open seat

The National Alliance Candidate was declared at Nuku Station this afternoon.

Returning Officer Francis Yawalan told Loop PNG that after the 7th exclusion, Joe Sungi was declared by collecting 11,112 votes.

Pangu Pati candidate Andrew Kumbakor is on second spot with 7,851 votes.

"Mr Sungi was declared at 2:22pm, the absolute majority is 10,599."

Nine candidates contested for the Nuku Open seat, and the runner up is the former MP for Nuku.

It’s Over – National Alliance cuts ties with PNC

NA Party parliamentary wing agreed to withdraw from the O'Neill - Dion government in a caucus meeting in Port Moresby today.

The decision followed the sacking of party leader Patrick Pruaitch as the Treasury Minister last week by Prime Minister Peter O'Neill.

The decision may have been compelling following the resignation of Transport Minister Malakai Tabar in support of his party leader on Saturday May 13, when he made the announcement at a campaign rally in his electorate.

More to come soon...  


​Tabar resigns from Cabinet

His decision, which was revealed on Saturday, is in support of his National Alliance Parliamentary Leader, Patrick Pruaitch, who has been stripped of his portfolio as the Treasury Minister.

Tabar made the announcement at a rally held in his Gazelle Electorate in East New Britain Province.

His decision leaves the Transport and Infrastructure portfolio vacant at the moment.

Hundreds of people attended the election rally, which was held at the Napapar 4 church grounds.