Minister for Transport

Transport Minister condemns Mendi reaction

He said this action automatically cripples air transport in Southern Highlands Province, placing the traveling public, business houses and others in a very awkward situation.

“I appeal to all leaders to bring to justice the culprits who are sabotaging air transportation.

“My appeal to all Papua New Guineans is that no one should be seen to be hindering or sabotaging transportation of people, goods and services by interfering and destruction of transport infrastructure and its services like airplanes, sea vessels and public road transport buses and taxis.”

Weather service issues addressed: Minister

Minister Nukundj clarified their pay levels and benefits evolved since the start of the last decade, where they wanted to maintain their salary levels even after they had been paid out their original Civil Aviation Authority Salary Fixation Agreement Entitlements.

In a statement released earlier this week, Minister Nukundj confirmed having an audience with the weather officers on several different occasions.

However, their actions to stop work portray arrogance and are demeaning after necessary steps were undertaken to resolve their salary discrepancies.

Provinces must create small craft boards: Tabar

Minister for Transport, Malakai Tabar, said it was the responsibility of each respective Provincial Government to establish the boards to coordinate the Act which regulates small crafts or boats, and the standards for construction, safety, operation and registration of small crafts.

He said this in response to Ijivitari MP, David Arore, who asked about the Transport Departments policy on small craft.

Arore said while by boat from a trip in Northern Province, he came across two capsised dinghies which resulted in a death of a person.