Air safety is top priority for Govt: Minister Tabar

Safety is and will always continue to be regarded as the top requirement of the Government’s regulation, provision and facilitation of its air transport.

Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Malakai Tabar says safety standards and safety compliance cannot be traded off against other aspects of government’s spending in the air transport sub-sector.

Tabar said that through this policy statement, Government requires the aviation entities, Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), National Airports Corporation (NAC) and PNG Air Services Limited (PNGASL) to make passenger safety first priority.

He said advancement in technology calls for the upgrade of the navigation system using satellite technology.

This enhances all flight operations in and out of the PNG air space through more accurate and reliable space-base technology.

Tabar said that the recent introduction of the new navigation system, Global Navigational Satellite System (GNSS), will enhance aviation safety.

The GNSS project delivers new instrument approach landing charts and enables satellite-based navigation at up to 45 airports and airstrips.

He said GNSS will contribute to a clear environment by reducing carbon emissions and contribute to significant operation cost savings for the industry.

Tabar added that the government, through the DoT will continue to support initiatives by aviation sub-sector for safe travel within PNG.

Quintina Naime