Leslie Alu

Parkop denies affair

Parkop in a text message to this newsroom said nothing is going on between him and Bazari and that they were not married.

Allegations of their affair rose after a video leaked onto social media claiming that huge amount of money amounting to K250,000 was paid to Bazari by NCDC.

The video involved the former City Manager Leslie Alu in an interview with someone (named) who released the amount paid by NCDC to Yoga instructor Fazilah Bazari.

Alu apologises

The former NCD City Manager issued an online apology as well as outlined the process and fund allocation given to the Yoga/Walk for Life program.


His online response reads:

“This is my response to the online articles in pngblog by a faceless person who used a hidden camera to record a casual friendly conversation posed as a good friend but had hidden motives behind this recording.

Fazila Bazira responds to allegations

Fazila Bazari in response to queries raised by this news room relating to the leaked footage claiming the yoga instructor was paid that much in a month, has bashed these claims stating that it is tactic to ruin her reputation.  

She said sometimes people try to expose what’s wrong with a program because they cannot handle what is right about it; adding that as far as she is concerned she has followed the protocol of engagement, delivered outcomes and provided report and acquitals to every kina that was received.

Parkop on Alu Video

The Governor says the leak in information of monthly funds for the Yoga guru, Fazilah Bazari can be acquitted for before the commission.

The governor although refusing to comment on the video – stated that he has nothing to hide and the monthly payment of money which stands at a K3 million annual payment is commissioned for.

The governor was contacted by this newsroom in relation to a leaked video posted on a social media page, PNG Blogs, showing the former NCD city manager Lesie Alu being interviewed.

NCD building to be named after Alu

Governor Powes Parkop announced this to honour the immense contribution Alu has made to the development of the capital city.

He said the contributions of Alu were worthy of renaming the former City Hall building after him. But like the Parliament House, the City Hall building could be renamed.

However, he said the Engineering Division building currently being erected will be renamed after Alu.

Meantime, Bernard Kipit is the new city manager.

(Outgoing NCD City Manager, Leslie Alu)

New city manager warned on challenges

He made the remarks during the hand over take ceremony of the City Management yesterday (March 5).

It was a packed ceremony where NCDC staff came to witness the closing of a chapter in the management of City Hall and the start of a new one.

Governor Parkop commended Leslie Alu for his role in changing the face of NCD.

“Sadly because of his health, he had to make this hard decision. But it is the right decision,” said Parkop.

 Leslie Alu is closing an 11-year tenure, the longest ever by a City Manager.

No posters on street lights

This is a warning by the National Capital District Commission to candidates contesting in the National Elections for the NCD Regional, Moresby North-East, Moresby North-West and Moresby South electorates, in Papua New Guinea’s capital.

NCDC city manager Leslie Alu said approval must be obtained from the NCDC Regulatory Services before election banners and posters are mounted on public places in the city.

“All banners installed without prior approvals will be considered illegal and will be removed by our Enforcement Unit and charge to the candidates concerned.