Parkop denies affair

The NCD Governor, Powes Parkop, and Yoga instructor, Fazilah Bazari who was allegedly claimed to be his mistress have both denied having a relationship.

Parkop in a text message to this newsroom said nothing is going on between him and Bazari and that they were not married.

Allegations of their affair rose after a video leaked onto social media claiming that huge amount of money amounting to K250,000 was paid to Bazari by NCDC.

The video involved the former City Manager Leslie Alu in an interview with someone (named) who released the amount paid by NCDC to Yoga instructor Fazilah Bazari.

However, Parkop in response to the allegations said these are mere allegations and proper process and procedures were followed by NCDC to release the funds.

“The City Manager was set up so I will not respond to a set up.

“Otherwise I have nothing to hide. All the documents relating to engagement, acquittals and result of the programs are before the Commission and it can be access to properly find out the truth.

“I won't respond to people with ulterior motives,” Governor Parkop responded to this newsroom via text message.

Meantime, Bazari also released a statement saying these are allegations used ruin her reputation and the Governor.

She further added that she has no affair with Governor Parkop as speculated.


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