Fazilah Bazari

Kramer queries yoga contract

It had been established in earlier reports that the payment is legally acquitted for by Governor Powes Parkop.

In a press conference recently, Kramer stated that under the public management act, the said contract was supposed to go through some kind of procedure before being awarded to a candidate.

Parkop denies affair

Parkop in a text message to this newsroom said nothing is going on between him and Bazari and that they were not married.

Allegations of their affair rose after a video leaked onto social media claiming that huge amount of money amounting to K250,000 was paid to Bazari by NCDC.

The video involved the former City Manager Leslie Alu in an interview with someone (named) who released the amount paid by NCDC to Yoga instructor Fazilah Bazari.

Parkop on Alu Video

The Governor says the leak in information of monthly funds for the Yoga guru, Fazilah Bazari can be acquitted for before the commission.

The governor although refusing to comment on the video – stated that he has nothing to hide and the monthly payment of money which stands at a K3 million annual payment is commissioned for.

The governor was contacted by this newsroom in relation to a leaked video posted on a social media page, PNG Blogs, showing the former NCD city manager Lesie Alu being interviewed.

Different approach to Yoga in PNG

But PNG has a different approach - which is to use yoga for its intended purpose to bring peace and unity.

The growing movement of community yoga especially in Port Moresby is seen as a free handout by yogis around the world.

But have acknowledged how well, this free yoga sessions has proven effective in transforming one yogi at a time.

The program is called Yoga Unite.

From prison courtyards to community halls, personal backyards to public fields, yoga has been making wonders.

Practice of Yoga taking hold in NCD

By Friday next week, February 10, the yoga fraternity will have 38 new yoga trainers to have completed basic level one yoga teaching skills.

The 38, are regular yogis - participants of the Yoga for Life and Walk for Life programs in Port Moresby.

According to their yoga instructor Fazilah Bazari, the 38 chosen attend community class every Saturday and are already equipped with a certain level or ability of yoga.

Yoga fast catching in with 50,000 followers

Reflecting, Fazila says yoga in PNG had a humble beginning but now has great impact and success to communities and many in PNG.

Four years ago, Fazila brought yoga into the country to be introduced by the City Pharmacy Limited Group as one of their corporate social responsibility program.

“Over a period of time, we have trained a lot of Papua New Guineans who are now teaching Yoga in the communities.

“We are reaching out to under-privilege settlement communities to over 50,000 people in the various settlements of PNG and 15 classes per week,” Fazila said.