No posters on street lights

Candidates in the National Capital District will be asked to pay for using public properties without approval for putting up their campaign materials.

This is a warning by the National Capital District Commission to candidates contesting in the National Elections for the NCD Regional, Moresby North-East, Moresby North-West and Moresby South electorates, in Papua New Guinea’s capital.

NCDC city manager Leslie Alu said approval must be obtained from the NCDC Regulatory Services before election banners and posters are mounted on public places in the city.

“All banners installed without prior approvals will be considered illegal and will be removed by our Enforcement Unit and charge to the candidates concerned.

“Furthermore, candidates and supporters are asked to refrain from using streetlights as banner supports.

“Any banners on street lights will be removed immediately regardless of any approval granted by the NCDC Regulatory Services,” Alu said. 

Charles Yapumi