Fazila Bazira responds to allegations

The person in the middle of the controversy has come out clearly stating, the K250 000 is not her salary but the funds towards a program in which Yoga is also included.

Fazila Bazari in response to queries raised by this news room relating to the leaked footage claiming the yoga instructor was paid that much in a month, has bashed these claims stating that it is tactic to ruin her reputation.  

She said sometimes people try to expose what’s wrong with a program because they cannot handle what is right about it; adding that as far as she is concerned she has followed the protocol of engagement, delivered outcomes and provided report and acquitals to every kina that was received.

This revelation did not go down well with the public as people came out with a protest – with name calling and statements of unfairness.

However Ms Bazari says this is misleading and reiterated Governor Parkop’s statement on her engagement being approved by the board, city manager and the governor.

“It is not true that I get K250 000 a month salary. That amount is to manage the entire Active city development program in the city”.

She has called out on critics and people with vested interest to get their facts right; stating this is an ethical program, of high standards and integrity.

She said, “I am proud of my contribution to PNG”.

Fazilla Fazari who at the moment is in Kimbe on official duty also posted pictures online going on with her normal routine; with Hashtagss #YogaChangeslives and #GameChange.

Her friends have also come on to show their support with words of encouragement.

Meantime, she has also come and categorically denied rumors and assumtions that she is in a relationship with the NCD Governor.


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