NCD City Manager

Locals not buying NCD’s response

He said the development will only take place along the road reserve.

Locals however, claim this is not the direction they have received and that contractors have moved in and are surveying the area.

Locals gathered at Kirakira to air their grievances to the City Management over the lack of consultation on the proposed road development along Gavamani Road.

Major NCD road works due for completion

The NCD City Manager Bernard Kipit says three out of six major road projects will be completed well before the end of August.

Ela Beach is the first major project to be completed on schedule, due to be opened to traffic by the end of July.

That will be followed by Stanley Esplanade in town and Independence Drive in Waigani, both due to be opened for traffic by the end of August.

The rehabilitation of the Freeway, Independence Drive and the Wards Road roundabouts will be completed by the end of October.

New city manager warned on challenges

He made the remarks during the hand over take ceremony of the City Management yesterday (March 5).

It was a packed ceremony where NCDC staff came to witness the closing of a chapter in the management of City Hall and the start of a new one.

Governor Parkop commended Leslie Alu for his role in changing the face of NCD.

“Sadly because of his health, he had to make this hard decision. But it is the right decision,” said Parkop.

 Leslie Alu is closing an 11-year tenure, the longest ever by a City Manager.