Fresh Produce Development Agency

FPDA partners with Unggai Bena District

The MoU outlines the plans to organize, implement, monitor, evaluate and advise on activities of Fresh Produce Development Program,' where fresh food is produced and marketed within EHP or elsewhere for cash income. 
The agreement was signed by FPDA chief executive officer, Mark Worinu and Ungga Bena MP Kinoka Feo in Goroka.
To strengthen the partnership, Unggai Bena District Development Authority presented K2 million to FPDA to commence the project in the district.

FPDA partners with Pomio

Long-time District Chief Executive Officer, Peter Peniat who served there for almost 15 years revealed that local people never spent money in the stores because they never had money.

“The people in the hinterlands of Pomio had no basic source of income. They would rely on growing tobacco to pay for their kids’ school fees. Some would work in nearby oil palm and copra plantations to save money to send their kids to schools,” he said.

Farmers appreciate agency for training

Present at the occasion was NKW Fresh General Manager, David Stewart, and FPDA supply chain manager Noel Kuman.

Coming from different model farms in Wau, the farmers gathered at Biawen and presented gifts to members of the Fresh Produce Development Agency and invited guests. 

Six years ago, FPDA extension officers trained the farmers on how to grow their produce and where to sell them to make a living.

Though they were from the mining area, the farmers had to forgo their past experiences in alluvial mining and start implementing their newly-acquired farming skills.

Agency aims to decrease fresh produce imports

Fresh Produce Development Agency, bulb onion project manager, Wayne Powae, said during the launch of the bulb onion project that such funds must be retained to benefit PNG, and especially farmers.

He said the FPDA is now at the forefront of helping farmers to grow crops, to cut down on the large number of fresh produce imports.

Powae said the challenge to increase mass production of cash crops locally to meet the high demand is still huge.

FPDA commended

The Agency has portrayed commitment to supporting Papua New Guinean farmers in the rural areas, particularly in promoting food security for rural sustenance and fostering best farm practices in fruits and vegetables production and management.

In his recent discussion with the FPDA Management Team, Minister Maru stated that he was impressed with their increased efforts in trying to integrate the food crop industry into the mainstream economy and become dynamic player in addressing the Governments agenda in growing the economy.

Goilala into English potato and bulb onion farming

Tanipai and Kosipe in the Woitape LLG are the first two villages to have received bags of seedlings from the District Development Authority, as part of its plan to revive agriculture practice in the district.

The 20 bags supplied last Saturday are part of the first 50 from the planned 200 bags to be distributed across the district.

The concept here, according Michael Atuai, who’s spearheading the project, is to secure locals on both food security and financial security.

Agriculture Dept. must improve Freight Service Port

Although it is a known fact, the ban on import vegetables has now made it an issue that must be addressed with urgency, if locally produced vegetables are to be sold to major retail shops and markets around the country.

The Fresh Produce Development Agency (FPDA) says despite this they are going ahead with their plans to assist local farmers.

It says in the past PNG has been importing a number of fresh produce and plant food products due to assumptions that local produce is of poor quality and lower volume to meet domestic market demand.

Bulolo and Wau sending more fresh food to Lae

The Fresh Produce Development Agency (FPDA) is behind a number of village-based programs on fresh produce development in the district with the intention to raise small to medium entrepreneurs.   

Much of FPDA’s partnerships and field activities have been showcased during the Morobe Show this weekend.

One of their effective programs has been the Village Extension Workers, which involves farmers taking the lead in fresh produce production. FPDA is also pushing the marketing side of things through value chain players.