Woitape LLG

Woitape youth given K48,000 for games

This question was directed to the youth of Woitape LLG in Goilala District by the local member William Samb.

Locals have organised a rugby tournament that has seen 16 teams for both male and female from surrounding villages will participate.

The teams will have knock-outs this week leading up to semi-finals on Saturday.

Samb, who was on ground the previous weekend, returned over the weekend with K48,000 to sponsor the competition.

Community tells story of neglect

Through songs and short dramas, they retold the story of how they've been neglected for the past 40 years.

Located 40 kilometres outside of Port Moresby, the community has been denied the most basic services such as schools, health centres and road links.

Samb sympathised with his people but told them to take the negativity as a challenge.

"I don't want to visit this place next time and hear sad songs or all negative talk.

"From here on, we should all be speaking one language and that's positivity," he said.

Goilala into English potato and bulb onion farming

Tanipai and Kosipe in the Woitape LLG are the first two villages to have received bags of seedlings from the District Development Authority, as part of its plan to revive agriculture practice in the district.

The 20 bags supplied last Saturday are part of the first 50 from the planned 200 bags to be distributed across the district.

The concept here, according Michael Atuai, who’s spearheading the project, is to secure locals on both food security and financial security.