Auga-Dilava community

Samb puts funds to revive services in Goilala

Goilala Member William Samb was on ground over the weekend to talk with the people regarding initiatives to revive services in the area.

He presented K30,000 cash to the Auga-Dilava community to build a classroom and teachers houses.

“Time is of essence and we cannot prolong the denial of our children from education,” he said, when presenting the money to community leaders.

He told the people to use the available resources referring to materials from the bush to renovate two classrooms, build a new grade three classroom and two teacher’s houses.

Community tells story of neglect

Through songs and short dramas, they retold the story of how they've been neglected for the past 40 years.

Located 40 kilometres outside of Port Moresby, the community has been denied the most basic services such as schools, health centres and road links.

Samb sympathised with his people but told them to take the negativity as a challenge.

"I don't want to visit this place next time and hear sad songs or all negative talk.

"From here on, we should all be speaking one language and that's positivity," he said.