Community tells story of neglect

Auga-Dilava community in Woitape LLG of Goilala District had a message for their Member, William Samb, when he arrived with a delegation today at Fane.

Through songs and short dramas, they retold the story of how they've been neglected for the past 40 years.

Located 40 kilometres outside of Port Moresby, the community has been denied the most basic services such as schools, health centres and road links.

Samb sympathised with his people but told them to take the negativity as a challenge.

"I don't want to visit this place next time and hear sad songs or all negative talk.

"From here on, we should all be speaking one language and that's positivity," he said.

Among the visiting delegation was the Central Provincial Administrator Gei Gini Raga.

Raga stressed on the point made by Samb and called on the people to own the projects and initiatives implemented by the current District Development Authority. They presented K30,000 to renovate two classrooms, build a new Grade Three classroom and two teachers’ houses.

Samb took the opportunity to ask the provincial administrator to appoint three teachers for the area.

He challenged the community to work together to see this take place by 2017.

Gloria Bauai