Goilala into English potato and bulb onion farming

English potato and bulb onion farming are making headways in the mountainous district of Goilala, in Central Province.

Tanipai and Kosipe in the Woitape LLG are the first two villages to have received bags of seedlings from the District Development Authority, as part of its plan to revive agriculture practice in the district.

The 20 bags supplied last Saturday are part of the first 50 from the planned 200 bags to be distributed across the district.

The concept here, according Michael Atuai, who’s spearheading the project, is to secure locals on both food security and financial security.

“This project makes sure there is food for the household and there is money in the pockets. The main thing here is for economic empowerment in the district. We want to make home as attractive as possible and we think agriculture is the step in the right way.”

DDA has also involved Joel Navo, an agriculture specialist, to educate locals on proper methods and techniques to farm the seedlings and the whole process through to harvesting.

Atuai said the decision to use English potato and bulb onion was based on the vegetable’s durability after harvest and how fast it took to reach maturity.

Following on from this, Atuai said the project will branch out to coffee and livestock more specifically sheep and cattle.

There are also plan to try out Honeybee farming, which will go well with coffee farming, for pollination purposes.

In the meantime, 30 more bags for the sweet potato and bulb onions will be distributed in the coming month to Kambise, Ononge and Fane.

“We are giving all we can to see this work so that our rural people are happy,” Atuai said.

The seedlings are from the Fresh Produce Development Agency

Gloria Bauai