Women Fed Up With Crime

During the presentation of police vehicles to Bulolo and Wau police yesterday, a women’s group took the opportunity to air their frustration at the Wau main oval.

Lawlessness has been a problem in Bulolo and Wau for over a decade.

New Police Vehicles For Wau, Bulolo

The landowner group of the Hidden Valley mine, Nakuwi Association presented three new vehicles to the law and order and justice sector of the Bulolo and Wau-Waria districts in Morobe Province.

A vehicle each was given to the Wau and Bulolo police stations, and to Morobe’s magisterial services.

Valued at K1.2 million, Nakuwi Chairman, Rex Mauri said Wau and Bulolo have always been labelled as “cowboy towns” due to the severe deterioration of infrastructure and services, compounded with the influx of alluvial miners.

Problem Districts In Morobe: PPC

Provincial police commander, Superintendent Jacob Singura, said they have noted a lot of criminal activities that have been fuelled by alcohol.

“A lot of murder, killings have happened,” he stated.

PPC Singura made this statement after addressing the settlers of Gavman Giraun, in the Wau Rural LLG, who suffered three deaths and damaged properties following a confrontation with another lot of settlers from Mumeng.

Control Your Children: Basil

In a recent gathering at Mairu block, in Wau, he reminded settlers that the confrontation in 2020 between Waria and Biangai landowners was instigated by intoxicated young men and women.

That is why parents and guardians should not let their children roam around aimlessly.

“Planti generation kam stap pinis; wokim haus, kamapim pikinini na ino gat graun lo ples,” he stated. (Generations of people now live here. They’ve built homes, and procreated. There’s no land for them back home.)

Wau settlers air grievances

2,000 roofing sheets are being distributed to each ward in Bulolo District.

Among the recipients were settlers at Waria, in the Wau Township, who lost a number of their homes during a clash with Biangai landowners in 2020.

Addressing local MP and Deputy Prime Minister, Sam Basil, at the gathering at Mairu block, was Waria LLG community leader, Benny Kenai, who expressed relief at receiving some form of assistance after waiting for over a year.

Dagua mourns

A haus krai is set up at Forot mining settlement in Wau.

The mourners, were in black attire to signify they are grieving with the country. 

Spokesman Wayne Sia said the Sepik people living in Wau are at a loss over the death of the country’s first prime minister, and father of the nation. 

He said the Arapesh people from Dagua recognise ties with Sir Michael in PNG’s political history, through their late leader Sir Peter Simogun.

200 locals graduate

The training comes under the Triple 1 Policy of the Morobe Provincial Government. 111 stands for 1 day, 1 person, 1 kina.

Those who graduated on Sunday 14th February have been trained and certified to be more productive in their respective projects.

“The Triple 1 Policy of MPG serves to make Morobe Province a self-sustaining province,” emphasised Governor Ginson Saonu.

Governor Saonu said the SME Program for Morobe has reached another milestone with the Christian Church Partnership Program with the ELC PNG Parish of Wau.


Man swept away by flood after betelnut run

He was returning from a betelnut supply run to remote Tekadu, in the Wau Rural LLG of Morobe Province.

Local authorities confirmed that the man was swept away by the river’s strong currents after he lost his footing on a log connecting the riverbanks.

Eyewitness and police reservist, Ben Bowney, who was with the man and 40 other locals who travelled to remote Tekadu, witnessed the incident.

Bowney said they mobilised and conducted a search, but were unsuccessful in locating the man.

Wau health centre in poor condition

The health centre was built by New Guinea Goldfields in the 1950s and has stood the test of time. The last maintenance work on the centre was carried out by Morobe Consolidated Goldfields in 2008.

Officer in charge, Olivier Kola, said at the recent coronavirus awareness meeting that the state of the health centre cannot cater for the increasing population and any outbreak of diseases, including COVID-19.

“We can’t cope with any major health situation,” Kola revealed.

Farmers appreciate agency for training

Present at the occasion was NKW Fresh General Manager, David Stewart, and FPDA supply chain manager Noel Kuman.

Coming from different model farms in Wau, the farmers gathered at Biawen and presented gifts to members of the Fresh Produce Development Agency and invited guests. 

Six years ago, FPDA extension officers trained the farmers on how to grow their produce and where to sell them to make a living.

Though they were from the mining area, the farmers had to forgo their past experiences in alluvial mining and start implementing their newly-acquired farming skills.