Man swept away by flood after betelnut run

He was returning from a betelnut supply run to remote Tekadu, in the Wau Rural LLG of Morobe Province.

Local authorities confirmed that the man was swept away by the river’s strong currents after he lost his footing on a log connecting the riverbanks.

Eyewitness and police reservist, Ben Bowney, who was with the man and 40 other locals who travelled to remote Tekadu, witnessed the incident.

Bowney said they mobilised and conducted a search, but were unsuccessful in locating the man.

Wau health centre in poor condition

The health centre was built by New Guinea Goldfields in the 1950s and has stood the test of time. The last maintenance work on the centre was carried out by Morobe Consolidated Goldfields in 2008.

Officer in charge, Olivier Kola, said at the recent coronavirus awareness meeting that the state of the health centre cannot cater for the increasing population and any outbreak of diseases, including COVID-19.

“We can’t cope with any major health situation,” Kola revealed.

Farmers appreciate agency for training

Present at the occasion was NKW Fresh General Manager, David Stewart, and FPDA supply chain manager Noel Kuman.

Coming from different model farms in Wau, the farmers gathered at Biawen and presented gifts to members of the Fresh Produce Development Agency and invited guests. 

Six years ago, FPDA extension officers trained the farmers on how to grow their produce and where to sell them to make a living.

Though they were from the mining area, the farmers had to forgo their past experiences in alluvial mining and start implementing their newly-acquired farming skills.