EU-STREIT rehabilitates road access for farmers

It is progressing on improving the efficiency of value chain enablers, including sustainable, climate-proof transport infrastructure development in Papua New Guinea.

Led by the International Labour Organization (ILO), these two roads will support farming communities involved in cocoa, vanilla, and fisheries production to access further markets with more rewarding prices, and open up rural communities for agribusiness opportunities.

Farmers concerned with non-tax fees increase

President of Farmers and Settlers Association Wilson Thompson has cautioned producers, processors and exporters of coffee, cocoa, rubber, copra, poultry and livestock including food processing and farm supplies companies in PNG.

He said the fees are directly related to agriculture and food production which will affect costs of production and prices paid to growers.

 Fees outlined include;

  1. Climate Change Office


Youth Keen On Training

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) under the EU Funded UN Joint STREIT Programme in PNG recently conducted six capacity building trainings for cocoa and vanilla farmers in different remote parts of the Greater Sepik Region.

The interests shown by the youths were the highlights in all training venues who made up 54 percent of total 626 trainees.

Lack of support for farmers

His first son Don Mosley is attending the University of PNG doing his third year all supported through his father’s sweat on the land.

Mr Bob has other sons doing Grades 10 and six while his youngest daughter is in Grade 4 at Anglimp Primary and high schools where he comes from.

Anglimp in Jiwaka Province is part of the vast Wahgi Valley and growing fruits and vegetables is part of life for the dwellers both locals and block holders.


Tinputz couple are leading cocoa farmers

“Imagine working hard for two weeks to earn only K60! That was the struggle,” James said.

The couple have 500 cocoa trees in Teop, Tinputz District, in Bougainville’s north. In the past, James looked after the cocoa farm, while Emelia spent her time tending to the garden and fishing.

Despite their efforts, they struggled to save money or plan for the future.

But things started to change in 2017 when Emelia went with a friend to a CARE International training under the Bougainville Cocoa Families Support Project (BECOMES).

MVF starts partnership verification for farmers in Simbu

The team was there to asses and verify farming communities for partnership in providing market accessibility to small farmers.

The Market for Village Farmers – Maket Bilong Villis Fama (MVF) is a Government of PNG project financed by IFAD, executed by National Department of Agriculture & Livestock, and implemented by Fresh Produce Development Agency (FPDA).

The Project Development Objective is to achieve sustainable and increased returns to village farming households from marketed oriented production.  

CPL partners with Northern farmers

CPL Group also runs the Stop n Shop chain of supermarkets in Port Moresby and one of the biggest buyers of local fresh produce for their shelves.

Upon a formal discussion and invitation by Oro Governor Gary Juffa on the possibility of Oro supplying its fresh produce, CPL Group General Manager Ajay Patel met with Oro farmers with the display of some local produce.

Mr Patel said he was impressed with the display of produce and made a commitment to buy from the locals. He said CPL Group would buy on a weekly basis provided quality and consistency were maintained.

COVID-19 pandemic affecting farmers

The farmers are also calling on the government to subsidize funding for established farmers to recover during the lockdown period.

Farmer in the Highlands region are calling on the Government to look into their plight and address the issue regarding the wastage of their produces.

Speaking on behalf of farmers, Win Moni a consistent Pathogen Tested (PT) Kaukau farmer from Mul district of Western Highlands said farmers were the hardest hit.

Burden to lessen for Goilala farmers

The district used to be the top coffee producer in the Southern Region up until the decline of government services in the area in recent years.

Coffee has grown wild in the district due to logistical challenges and loss of interest by farmers mainly due to high cost of transportation.

Coffee farmers from Tapini LLG expressed concerns on transporting coffee to the markets in Port Moresby.

A farmer pays K50 per bag to be transported to Port Moresby and K100 PMV fare for himself.

Farmers appreciate agency for training

Present at the occasion was NKW Fresh General Manager, David Stewart, and FPDA supply chain manager Noel Kuman.

Coming from different model farms in Wau, the farmers gathered at Biawen and presented gifts to members of the Fresh Produce Development Agency and invited guests. 

Six years ago, FPDA extension officers trained the farmers on how to grow their produce and where to sell them to make a living.

Though they were from the mining area, the farmers had to forgo their past experiences in alluvial mining and start implementing their newly-acquired farming skills.