Farmers concerned with non-tax fees increase

Farmers throughout the country have been urged to brace for the increase in non-tax fees by government agencies in 2022.

President of Farmers and Settlers Association Wilson Thompson has cautioned producers, processors and exporters of coffee, cocoa, rubber, copra, poultry and livestock including food processing and farm supplies companies in PNG.

He said the fees are directly related to agriculture and food production which will affect costs of production and prices paid to growers.

 Fees outlined include;

  1. Climate Change Office


  • Airport departure tax
  • Fertiliser Levy
  • Fossil Fuel Levy (all fuels)
  1. Conservation Environment and Protection Authority
  • Water Permit Fee
  • Environment Permit Fee
  1. Department of Labour and Industry


  • Fire Safety Fees
  • Factory Licensing Fee
  • Fire and safety equipment
  1. Transport


  • Driver License Fee to K70 per year
  • PNG Ports Charges
  • Motukea and Lae ICTSL fees
  • NAC departure fees
  • Motor vehicle registration
  1. Police
  • Police check and accident and traffic reports
  1. DAL
  • Cocoa Tonnage Levy
  • Coffee License Fee
  • NAQIA charges


Thompson said the association has written to the Minister for Finance and Rural Development Sir John Pundari to advice on the legal requirements and approval for charging non-tax charges and fees.

“The ICCC has also been asked to look at this, and has informed relevant agencies to be conscious of the prices, and also the goods and services, the farmer's and growers, and consumer get for paying a fee, levy or price.

“We anticipate that our submission will be given serious consideration and dialogue established going forward,” Thompson stated.

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