Covid 19

Madang prepares to contain COVID 19

Governor Peter Yama made the bold move to declare a 14-day lock-down in the province prior to the Government’s State of Emergency announcement.

Head of Madang Province COVID -19 Response Command Center, Dr Juith Gawi is greatful to the Madang Governor taking that step to put Madang on lock-down immediately after the announcement of the first coronavirus case in PNG.

A checkpoint has been set up along the North Coast highway in Bogia, to screen emergency patients coming from the district.

Gov’t to reprioritize expenditures

Focus will be on health, the economy and education for the balance of 2020.

He said to make sure there is no local transmissions in the country, the Government had instituted a State of Emergency (SoE) for 14 days, the incubation period of COVID-19, to monitor any reports of possible COVID-19 infections.

“The Government will reprioritize expenditures and cutaway activities that can be deferred or terminated and focus on health, economy and education for the balance of 2020.”

Walindi resort shuts down operations

Owner of Walindi Resort, Cheyne Benjamin said the resort is a tourist destination; the lockdown will greatly affect its operations.

“This isn’t only a health crisis but also a global economic crisis with tourism and airlines the most affected and that includes Walindi and other operators around the country including Air Niugini.

“Our business has never in its history faced anything like this - we have faced all sorts of challenges here - volcanoes etc but nothing like this.

Digicel launches COVID 19 toll free number

The Toll Free number is 1-800-200.

The Toll Free number was launched by Digicel CEO Collin Stone and acting Secretary for Health Dr Paison Dakulala in Port Moresby today.

Dr Dakulala thanked Digicel for the initiative in coming on board to disseminate information on the COVID 19 through its various media platforms.