Buk Bilong Pikinini (BbP)

ExxonMobil sponsors teacher tech training

Sponsored by ExxonMobil PNG, the event was graced by Belinda Gurra, Planning and Contribution Supervisor, Public and Government Office, and Sarah Llewellyn, Community and Development Support Lead, who inaugurated the proceedings.

The focus of the day was the Digital Learning program, aimed at equipping teachers with the latest tools and techniques to enhance classroom engagement. 

BbP Celebrates International Digital Learning Day

As children immerse themselves in online content from an early age, the emphasis on safe and age-appropriate digital engagement is paramount.

The day commenced with students delving into fundamental computer and tablet functionalities while familiarizing themselves with the BbP App, featuring flipbooks, audiobooks, and interactive activities. From pre-coding colouring exercises to understanding Wi-Fi and making calls, the curriculum emphasised responsible technology usage.

BbP Revolutionizes Early Childhood Education

Over the past three weeks, BbP has witnessed a surge in enrollments, with thousands of eager young minds joining their ECE and After School programs. These initiatives aim to equip children with foundational skills crucial for academic success and personal growth.

The hallmark of BbP's success lies in its evidence-based approach to literacy instruction, rooted in "structured literacy." By emphasizing phonics and decoding skills, children as young as three years old are mastering reading fundamentals, paving the way for future academic excellence.

BbP's Lae enroll over 300 children

The atmosphere was one of excitement as it was announced that both the Early Childhood Education and After-School programs are now free to attend, thanks to a supportive partnership.

The Lae Showgrounds Library Learning Centre has reached its capacity for the morning Early Childhood Education program, showcasing the overwhelming demand for educational initiatives in the region. 

However, the enrollment process is still open for students interested in joining the After School program, a testament to the dedicated efforts of the centre’s team.

Children learn importance of inclusion

The observance of the UN Day, celebrated on December 3rd annually, “aims to promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilise support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities”.

Sponsorship from the Sir Brian Bell Foundation of BbP’s Inclusive Education Program, have improved the lives of both children and adults living with a disability.

Christmas Charity Golf raises over K100,000

Kumul Petroleum Holdings Ltd clinched victory and Kumul Minerals Team 2 securing the runner-up position.

The tournament not only showcased golf prowess but also featured entertaining categories like 'closest to the pin,' 'longest drive,' and 'the Tarzan,' adding a playful touch. The generous sponsorship from Ela Motors allowed BbP to extend its reach, fostering a memorable day for all involved.

More education support for BbP

The Koki Markets Library Learning Centre's children enthusiastically tested out the new bus during the celebration.

BbP, known for its impactful Early Childhood Education program, expressed deep gratitude for Ela Motors' generous contribution. 

This bus donation is set to enhance the organization's ability to serve its 12 LLCs in Port Moresby, facilitating educational excursions for the students.

Field trips play a pivotal role in BbP's educational approach, allowing children to apply classroom knowledge in real-world settings. 

Deloitte Enriches World Children’s Day

BbP's Library Learning Centres echoed with joy as children embraced their rights through fun games and imaginative dress-up activities.

Eleven Deloitte PNG volunteers, including Natasha Swain, Shirley Lakani, and Brandon Tilili, actively participated in the celebrations at BbP’s Pari and Vabukori Library Learning Centres. The volunteers engaged with the children, providing face paint and delightful refreshments.

New board for ‘Buk blong Pikinini’

The newly elected Directors are:

Shaun Pini - Theodist Procurement & Product Manager

John Kawage -  Acting Deputy Secretary Policy & Provincial Services, Department of Education

Jamie Mitchell - General Manager Hebou Constructions (PNG) Limited;

David Valentine - CEO Niunet

Salome Delabu - Marketing Manager Credit Corporation.

Oral Health Education Day

The event aimed to teach children the importance of proper oral care from a young age, instilling lifelong healthy habits.

Thanks to a generous donation from Colgate's 'Bright Smiles, Bright Futures' program, BbP children had an engaging and educational day. Colgate's program emphasizes that oral health is not just about bright smiles but also long-term well-being, stressing the consequences of untreated tooth decay, which can lead to pain, discomfort, lower self-esteem, reduced quality of life, and decreased school attendance.