Anslom's Global Reggae Rise

Positioned to become PNG's first international reggae sensation, Anslom is collaborating with The Wailers on a 12-track album, emphasizing positive messages and spirituality.

The recognition extends beyond the music realm, with the PNG government acknowledging Anslom's potential to boost tourism. Supported by the National Gaming Control Board, Anslom sees his music as a universal platform to promote Papua New Guinea on a global scale.

Anslom wins two awards

This was shortly after claiming The Band of the Year accolade at the International Singer-Songwriter Association's annual ceremony in Atlanta, Georgia.

Based in Los Angeles, Anslom's latest triumphs were revealed during the virtual announcement of the 2023 InterContinental Music Awards (ICMA) winners. The ICMA Founder and Executive Director, Shahed Mohseni Zonoozi, made the exhilarating announcement via Zoom.

Anslom collaborates with the Wailers

Doors that had once existed solely in the realm of his aspirations are now swinging open, propelling the Papua New Guinean sensation into an unparalleled chapter of his musical odyssey.

Basking in the afterglow of his ISSA accolades, Anslom has seized an extraordinary opportunity by embarking on the creation of a groundbreaking ten-track album alongside the legendary reggae ensemble, The Wailers.

Anslom wins Band of Year award

The event unfolded on the 5th of August in Atlanta, Georgia.

The accolade bestowed upon Anslom presents an array of unprecedented opportunities, not confined to the United States alone, but rippling across the global stage.

The win promises to unlock avenues ranging from lucrative recording contracts, enthralling tours, resonant radio and television airplay, strategic promotional campaigns, to forging valuable connections with titans of the music industry.

PNG Reggae artist Anslom gets backing

This newfound acclaim comes as a welcome surprise for Anslom, who has spent over two decades in the music industry without government backing.

Anslom's remarkable achievements include being named a finalist in the reggae category at the InterContinental Music Awards held in Los Angeles. His two hit songs, "Love Me Again" and "Keep Hurting," propelled him to this prestigious position.

In August, Anslom and his management will travel to Atlanta, Georgia, to participate in the International Singer Songwriters Association (ISSA) award ceremony.

Underrated Reggae Artist Gains Recognition

His songs are being played on airwaves in Europe and the United States of America. He has been described as the "most underrated reggae artist" by a music promoter in Europe.

Over the past six months, Anslom has been named Artist of the Year on Galaxy 107 FM radio in New Zealand, conducted interviews with radio stations in Europe and the USA, and performed at the International Indie Music Festival in Kerala, India.

ENB set for New Year bash

The pair will be performing on New Year’s Eve at Club Skowies supported by female singer Delma Minei and EQF Band.

Tati will perform hit songs from his first solo album ‘Ana Apa’ including So Fine, PNG Girl, S.O.E and Give It to Me.

Anslom is expected to belt out hits like Member, Coconut Pine, Only and Sexy Lovin. 

The public is invited to be part of the party with tickets selling at all Skowhegan for K30 pre-sold while it will be K40 at the gate.