2018 budget

Lagaip-Porgera district presents 2018 budget

The budget targets infrastructure development, ageing health, education, escalating law and order issues and economic sectors that had been neglected by successive governments.

The Lagaip-Porgera District Development Authority chairman and local MP, Tomait Notassi Kapili, presented the budget to the Department of Implementation & Rural Development (DIRD) in Port Moresby last Thursday (April 19).

Kapili said DDA board was unable to prepare a supplementary budget for the last quarter of 2017 after the national elections.

Funding secured for medical supplies

This is the biggest ever investment in medical supplies and distribution system.

But this funding will be spent in accordance with an agreed 2 year procurement plan that Minister for Health and HIV, Sir Puka Temu will consider.

Minister Temu said Area Medical Stores are an important part of the medical supplies system.

He stressed this during the launch of the 100 percent Medical Kit Supplies (MSK) to the Badili Area Medical Store on Thursday.

Temu noted the Badili AMS refurbishment of K1.5 million, as evident to that commitment by the government.

Toropo on PNGDF budget cut

PNGDF Commander, Brigadier-General Gilbert Toropo, says regardless of that, the Force understands what the government and the whole country is going through with the effects of falling commodity prices in the world market.

He said it is unfortunate that there is nothing anyone can do.

Commander Toropo said what the Force will do as a defence organisation is to realign its priorities to make sure its core activities are maintained.

“One of our core activities is to ensure that our border patrols are maintained and supported,” he said.

Budget to affect court complex progress

For the 2018 Budget, the Judiciary was allocated K80 million.

Chief Justice, Sir Salamo Injia, said this means the building will not be completed next year but will be at very advanced stages of the construction, come November next year.

“They decided to give us only K80 million for next year, obviously our objective will not be achieved but that is a matter for the government, and the judiciary respects the decision of the executive government given the tough economic times that the country is facing.

Pruaitch: 2018 Budget a ‘runaway train’

When debating the 2018 Budget on Tuesday in Parliament, Pruaitch said the Budget was fueled by huge budget deficits and soaring public debt, which the Government refuses to put on any safeguards or breaks to lessen the coming shocks.

“This budget is the most fiscally irresponsible budget presented in this House in all my years in Parliament.

“The fake revenue numbers in the budget allow the Government to lift expenditure beyond prudent fiscal levels which is a total disregard for fiscal discipline.

Treasurer disappointed with report

Abel said the budget is people focused.

In an interview today, Abel said the Government is doing all it can to serve the people and nothing is sinister about the 2018 money plan.

The Treasurer, when responding to a newspaper article of the Opposition describing the 2018 Budget as ‘Fake’ said he is very disappointed with the media outlet for not getting the government’s side of the story.

He said the 2018 budget was one of the best the country has ever had, because it addresses some of the underlying issues the country is facing like the foreign exchange issue.

CIMC applauds Govt on budget allocations towards social issues

This allocation will include K10 million to Sorcery awareness and K10 Million to gender-based violence.

“I commend and thank the Prime Minister and the NEC, including the Minister of Department of National Planning and Monitoring for hearing our cries.

“It’s long overdue and I urge the responsible implementing agencies to continue to work in partnership with stakeholders and effectively deliver on outcome”, said Yakam.

Yakam also praised the reported focus on funding targeted at gender equality as this is fundamental in overcoming violence against women.

NRI Economist on Budget

However he says it comes with a lot of expenditures compared to last years.

“ I think the 2018 budget is a good one although it comes with a burden, because the expenditure has increased last years, around 12 to 14 billion, so there’s going to be a burden of how to generate more revenue,” said Dr Odhuno.

One problem he found with it was on the personal income tax.

“I was expecting the personal income tax to be taxed less because last year the companies got some tax reductions, it was reduced to 30 percent on average.

Health sector gets K1.5b in 2018

From the total Budget, K1b is allocated for operational and K461.7m for capital expenditures while K266.1m has been allocated for medical supplies, procurement and distribution processes.

Handing down the 2018 Budget today, Treasurer Charles Abel said the Government remains focused on delivering an efficient and effective health system that achieves internationally acceptable standards of health services that are accessible by people across the country.

K14.7b budget handed down

Treasurer and Deputy Prime Minister Charles Abel when announcing the budget said the 2018 Budget forecasts an increase in non-tax revenue, through transferring unused balances from revenue collecting agencies to the Consolidated Revenue Fund.

The Budget comprises of K13, 099.4 million in Government funding, K593.9 million in loans and K1,024.6 million in grants with more focus on Agriculture, Education, Health, Tourism, Small to Medium Enterprise