Toropo on PNGDF budget cut

The PNG Defence Force will see a decrease of K20 million in the 2018 budget.

PNGDF Commander, Brigadier-General Gilbert Toropo, says regardless of that, the Force understands what the government and the whole country is going through with the effects of falling commodity prices in the world market.

He said it is unfortunate that there is nothing anyone can do.

Commander Toropo said what the Force will do as a defence organisation is to realign its priorities to make sure its core activities are maintained.

“One of our core activities is to ensure that our border patrols are maintained and supported,” he said.

“For 2018, we will continue to focus on maintaining the presence of troops along the borders and also focus on funding security operations to support the APEC Leaders’ Summit in 2018.”

He adds that the Force wants to continue to build its manpower to 10,000 by year 2030 as directed by the government, therefore recruitment and training will also be one of its priorities.

He further stressed that apart from the Force’s normal day to day business and activities, they are still in need of fuel and rations as well as the payment of power and water bills.

“Those are part and parcel of ensuring that our key priorities are maintained and supported, as well as realigning our focus to prepare for what will be expected in 2018.”

Annette Kora