CIMC applauds Govt on budget allocations towards social issues

The Consultative Implementation and Monitoring Council’s Executive Officer, Wallis Yakam has applauded the Government for announcing an allocation of 68 Million Kina to the Department of Community Development.

This allocation will include K10 million to Sorcery awareness and K10 Million to gender-based violence.

“I commend and thank the Prime Minister and the NEC, including the Minister of Department of National Planning and Monitoring for hearing our cries.

“It’s long overdue and I urge the responsible implementing agencies to continue to work in partnership with stakeholders and effectively deliver on outcome”, said Yakam.

Yakam also praised the reported focus on funding targeted at gender equality as this is fundamental in overcoming violence against women.

This funding is crucial to support the continuation of the response and prevention initiatives taking place to address these wide spread issues in PNG.The funding will also support the overall development of the country. It’s time that our leaders in government take lead in driving the response.


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